A CONTEST! March 31, 2011

But first, come see my Register doo-dah, doo-dah, called “Is the world getting worse?”  Short answer:  no.  Long answer:  well, go see!

I had the misfortune to somehow accidentally post this piece yesterday, but didn’t realize it until someone who disagreed with me left a comment.  So I took the post down, and then had the lovely time-warping experience of being able to craft a reply to the comment that will be reappearing today.  Ha ha!

In other news, I am planning a CONTEST.  With a PRIZE.  That doesn’t SUCK.  Stay tuned, and I will announce it tomorrow!  How delightfully gimmicky!  How pointlessly suspenseful!  How I wish someone were cleaning my bathroom while I waste time on stuff like this!

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