Book Giveaway #2! In which I get tricky, for a good cause.

Book Giveaway #2! In which I get tricky, for a good cause. February 27, 2012

Oh boy, it’s almost March 1!  That’s the release date for Hallie Lord’s new book, Style, Sex, and Substance:  10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter.  Hallie assembled a truly swell group of writers, and also me, for this project (I wrote the chapter on motherhood).  And look, now books have TRAILERS!


You can pre-order the book here, and you can see some excerpts  here,  here, and here.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave away one copy autographed by all ten authors.  I would like to give away a second autographed book — this time with a small, optional, slightly weird catch, for an excellent cause.

Here’s the deal.  For this contest, you can enter just like you did last time, simply by leaving a comment on this post.  Doesn’t have to be witty or articulate or even sane — just say something, and you’re entered in the random drawing.

BUT.  Last time, there were nearly 500 entries, and only one winner.  Wouldn’t you, oh wouldn’t you like to increase your odds of winning this time?  How about having your name entered TEN times, instead of just once?

Here’s how:

to the fundraiser for my kids’ wonderful little charter school.  Any dollar amount will get you entered.  After you make your donation, leave a comment on this post with the words “I donated to SVCS” (no need to mention the amount, unless you want to!), and your name will be entered in the random drawing ten times.  And you will make me very happy, because I love this school, and want to see it flourish!

I’m having a really hard time describing the school.  Everything I say makes it sound impossibly idealized.  What can I say?

They have this shabby, sunny little building way out in the country.  The playground is dotted with canvas pup tents constructed by the 3rd and 4th graders, who are learning about the Civil War.  As I wait for school to let out, I see a string of kids strolling back from the village library, and a couple of boys lugging a bucket of the day’s compost for the school garden.  As I sign my kids out, the kindergartener is grinning will glee over the hand-sewn birthday crown from her teacher’s mother; the 6th grader is humming a little song about the parts of the brain; and the 4th grader is being teased and hounded by some first grade girls, who treat him like a big brother.   The hall smells like wood pulp, apples, and wool, from the various projects the kids are making.  The school’s lone TV is stored in the bathroom — because of a shortage of space, but it’s a nice illustration of how the classes are run:  The kids are too busy reading, writing, singing, playing, building, cooking, weaving, making rockets, writing plays, and just generally learning things, thoroughly and contentedly, to stare at a screen.

The kids act like kids.  They dress like kids.  They are allowed to do kid things, like play with sticks and rocks on the playground.  They aren’t straining (or being pushed) to shed their childhood.  They aren’t too cool to play with  younger kids, and they speak politely and openly to adults — no muttering or pawing the ground with their feet.

I know, I’m making it sound like the Sunshine Academy, where Maeby earned a crocodile in Spelling one year.   But their academic standards are very high, and all of their policies affecting student life are effective, compassionate, and sensible.

So naturally, they get far less money from the state than the regular public schools.

If you

you can be sure that your money will be used very, very well.  And you will have a much better chance of winning an autographed copy of this amazing book, signed by all ten authors!

The contest will close on March 8.

So, to recap:  there are two ways to be entered into the random drawing:

#1:  Just leave a comment at the end of this post, and your name will be entered.

#2:  Click on one of the “donate” buttons above, make a donation in any amount to Surry Village Charter School, and leave a comment saying “I donated to SVCS” on this post, and your name will be entered ten times.

Thank you, and good luck!

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