Ooh, fun! Pictures of Francis

Ooh, fun! Pictures of Francis September 5, 2013

Here’s a little contest for pictures of Pope Francis, with entries from around the world.  You can vote for your favorite.  I voted for this guy

but an awful lot of them were appealing, if not especially technically dazzling.  The thumbnails don’t show the entire image – you have to click on a picture, and then you can see them all as a slideshow.  I was struck by how many of them looked like other popes!  Which on is your favorite?


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  • Jordan

    That was tough! I had to give my vote to “Adelante!” (#13, the one on the bicycle with his robes flying). I felt like it captured him well, haha. I also quite liked #20 I think it was, the painting with all the animals along with him, because the artist gave him a really funny/cute face in that one. Honorable mention goes to “Peepal Conclave”.

  • Lydia

    I really likes #2 painted by the mom from VA. I thought she really captured him. I also liked #17, which was stunning in pencil, but thought I still liked #2 better. I feel guilty because Jason Bach, the Catholic cartoonist posted it on his Facebook page and asked for votes for his entry, the also wonderful #35, but I had to be honest and go with #2. There are SO many that are truly beautiful. As someone who has absolutely no artistic talent, I’m just in awe of how people can just sit down and draw/paint. I applaud all of them.

  • katieforthought

    I voted for #13 as well, but I loved #21 – “Pope Francis in God’s Perspective” haha

  • richard


  • echarles1