Speaking of parents as primary educators of children. . .

Speaking of parents as primary educators of children. . . January 30, 2014

I’ll be speaking about parents as primary educators of their children on the Son Rise Morning Show this Friday morning.  Seven of my children will be at school, and the other two will be watching Dinosaur Train.  The baby will be yelling, ‘WHERE ‘DUC-TER????” every time the Conductor goes off the screen.  The dog will be pawing frantically at the door of my bedroom, where I do radio interviews, because the only, only, only way he wants to spend his time these days is playing Lonely Dog Rodeo on top of my bed.  He weighs 140 pounds and is not allowed on my bed, but he tries.

Catch the excitement here, Friday, around 8:50.

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  • jenny

    I can not listen to your talk, but I can pray……so parents be the primary educators…

  • My 2.5year old, who speaks very clearly, still says ‘onductor and ‘onstruction. I think it’s pretty cute.

    I hope your interview went well. Let us know if there’s a way to hear a recorded version.