Seven Frozen Takes, in which yes yes yes, Simcha sings “Let It Go”

Seven Frozen Takes, in which yes yes yes, Simcha sings “Let It Go” April 11, 2014



As I may have mentioned, last night I sang everybody’s favorite song in the world that is easy to sing and that no one is at all tired of hearing, because Robin met (and beat!) the $4,000 mark for her soap-making enterprise.  I did practice, kind of a lot.  I’m telling you this now, because you definitely will not be able to tell.



Yesterday, I told the kids that if they did their evening chores really quickly, we would be able to watch Frozen, which they hadn’t seen yet. Note: my eight-year-old daughter was on kitchen duty last night. So this morning, I open the cabinet, and find this shoved in the back:

If you can’t tell, that is chili and sour cream.  A pot full of it, plus four bowls full of it.  And it smelled great at 6:15 a.m. after sitting out all night, oh yes it did.



I really liked the movie! I don’t think there was any homophiliac undertones — or if there were, they were the right ones:  hey, maybe you’re born with something that makes it really difficult to interact with other people; but the solution isn’t to just cut yourself off from life.  You’re lovable and valuable, and your job is to control and channel the thing that makes you different so that you become stronger.

Anyway, it could just as easily have been about being autistic, or artistic, or having a weird sense of humor, or whatever.  Things clearly went bad (for herself and everyone she cared about) when she just let her unbridled interior self go on a rampage, so I honestly don’t see what’s to argue with, here.

My only other commentary on this movie is: what did she eat when she was in her frozen castle? She can make ice skates and whatnot with her mind ice, but can she make hamburgers? What was the long-term plan there?



Despite what you will hear me warble, almost nothing bothers me more than being cold. I was blue and oxygen deprived when I was born, and my thyroid is stupid, and I am cold cold cold all the time. When I open the windows to catch a little bit of that sweet springtime breeze, I turn the heat on, because I do no to want to be cold, not even for one second. Well, now they know.



Benny was big-eyed throughout the whole movie, and periodically cried out, “Poor Elfa!  Poor Elfa!” and occasionally, “Poor mottster!” (What the heck was that snow monster for, anyway? They totally didn’t need him.) I thought it was funny that she couldn’t pronounce “Elsa,” which isn’t really hard to say. Then I remembered that I was teaching her the Greek alphabet for a parlor trick the other day.  Alpha! See, she is listening to me! Just not when I say, “Please stop punching Mama’s head, Benny.”



Now I’m just stalling.



And now I’m not.  Just remember, this hurts me more than it does you.

Well, if you think we’ve all suffered enough, why not drop a few bucks in Robin’s goatmilk soap fundraiser?  If we hit the $5,000 mark, I solemnly swear, with the internet as my witness, that I will never again record a video of me singing a power ballad for the purpose of raising money for a goatmilk soap fundraiser. What more could you possibly want?

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  • Jeannie

    I seriously cried because you were so brave and sincere to help a friend in need. Brava! And you have a beautiful voice and are a beautiful lady, to boot.

  • BadMF

    Respect (chest thump).

  • Will Duquette

    Kudos to you. And may I just say that I have not yet had the fortune to hear “Let it Go”, and I do not intend to start here.

  • MeanLizzie

    I think it’s great that you did this. Brave and ballsy…but Simcha, you didn’t sing it badly enough. You should have really gone for complete and utter song-annihilation!

  • Susan Windley-Daoust

    Simcha, you’re awesome. All for the sake of good! 😉

  • Elizabeth Araxi Blanke

    You are such a good friend!! 🙂 Love it! I had the same thought about food in the castle. You don’t get boobs and hips like those from eating ice, I’m just saying.

  • Erica S

    I wish you could have seen my 4 year-old’s reaction to watching you sing. I think that if he could have burrowed through my computer screen and on to your lap he would have. We thought you were wonderful. There might have been a couple of tears on this end.

  • Kelly Mason McClintock

    Reasons I love this. You do NO oversing (sooooooooooooo many people oversing), and that your face has so much pain it looks as if you are going to cry – then there is the wine.

  • What I learned from this video:

    Songs should have fewer lyrics, so there’s more time to take swigs of wine.

  • What a sport!

  • anna lisa

    I’m in SHOCK. You didn’t procrastinate! You just up and did it like that. No agonizing for six weeks. No sweaty nightmares. Wow.
    Now we know how proactive, sweet, mushy and good friend-y you are too. You’re going to have to work extra hard for a while to re- convince us that you’re mad (as in angry) about stuff.

    Charlotte came running when you busted out with the “let it go” part. She hid behind my chair to listen, and refused to tell me if she liked it or not. I think that’s a thumbs up.

  • disqus_rig3quxF6Q

    My 3 year old and I throughly enjoyed your rendition of Let It Go! And what a nice thing to do for your friend. The best part was your sips of wine…

  • BriannaHeldt

    Okay that was AWESOME.

  • James

    BAM! Golden! Way to step up to the plate! 🙂

  • CS

    Why did this make me cry???

  • Jenny Uebbing

    I must say, you don’t go nearly as Broadway on it as I do…I think my kids prefer your version. p.s. loved the price tag on the bottom of your wine glass. And you look way younger than your writing led me to believe you were, if that makes sense.

  • I’m big into internet karaoke, and yours was a very entertaining performance. Brava!

  • You have a lovely voice! And you are much braver than I!

  • NurseTammy

    I think its wonderful when our experiences confirm that we chose the correct profession. For me that normally happens when people expect me to cook actual food for human consumption…they would be better off with a Fisherized “Let it Go”

  • richard

    Just like a child.

  • katealva

    Your next endeavor – same song, en espanol! hahaha

  • cmom

    I don’t know which I enjoyed more your singing expressions or your sipping expressions 🙂 Bravo! You do have a good voice. Drink more wine and stand up and belt it out. If you can still stand that is 😉

  • Joseph Nelson

    Nice! What was wine was that, a Merlot?

  • mithril1971

    but did you notice Rapunzel and Flynn Rider walking into the coronation?
    …and… popsicles. Pine flavored popsicles.


  • kiwords

    You are amazing. Not…at singing…but still. Total respect. Can I say how brave and counter cultural I think it is to be imperfect publicly like that, or is that too much?
    And I totally agree with your take on the movie. I think the idea that you’re not free, not really, until you master your passion and your gifts and use them in the service of love is pretty darn Catholic, actually.

  • Simcha, you are brave sing such an annoying song. I like your ad lib swigs & comments.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I bawl every time as I watch Elsa grow up alone in her room, terrified of herself. I think anyone who has struggled with perfectionism, for any reason, is going to identify with her.
    I also have to figure out how to sew an “Elsa dress” for my 7-yr-old for Halloween.

  • Victor

    What can I say that already hasn’t been said now?

    I hear YA Simcha , “Let “IT” go” Victor! 🙂

  • $1028912

    Your part about the possibility of homophiliac undertones (…”if there were, they were the right ones”) reminds me why I’m a fan of yours, even though we’re living our respective lives according to very different operating instructions.

  • ” If we hit the $5,000 mark, I solemnly swear, with the internet as my witness, that I will never again record a video of me singing a power ballad for the purpose of raising money for a goatmilk soap fundraiser. What more could you possibly want?”

    Good. Just did.

  • schaub.g

    I loved the video. You have a good voice and a lot of courage to just up and sing and post it on you tube for everyone to see. All to support a friend. You’re great.

  • This was GREAT, Simcha!! Loved it!