Mercola Officially Endorses Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass to Cure Ebola

Mercola Officially Endorses Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass to Cure Ebola October 25, 2014


No, really. Here’s the article, and here’s the money quote from one Dr. Robert Rowen, an “oxidative therpist” (emphasis mine):

Ozone is quite versatile, as you can administer it in many different ways. It’s extraordinary in terms of its anti-infective and antiviral action, and it has virtually no toxicity, making it a prime candidate for both prevention and treatment.

Ozone is only hard on the lungs, but it can be given in other ways. It can be given intravenously. It can be given in the bladder, in the vagina, in the rectum, via injection – anywhere.

You read it here first, folks. Right up the ass, and away goes the virus! (For the Mercola-resistant among us, here’s a wee bit of background about the effectiveness of oxygen therapy.)

Rumor has it that, for a small fee, you can request a specific nurse to administer the ozone into the orfice of your choice.

sexy ebola nurse

Well, goodnight, everyone.


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  • Louise

    I’m not even sure if that Mercola article is in English. And if their treatment is so effective.why aren’t they over there treating patients? I guess they have been locked out by the worldwide medical conspiracy

    • MichiganMama

      That’s why we sent the soldiers there. To keep poor Africans from getting smoke blown up their ass. They let the doctors in and keep out the medievalist miasma freaks

  • MichiganMama

    Oh Mercola….because blowing smoke up the orifice of a person with hemorraghic fever is the natural thing to do. The more smoke blown up your ass the crunchier you are. But no one will no because you died of Ebola.

  • s k

    The author seems a bit disturbed, or perturbed. Anal, I imagine.

  • s k

    If you are unkindly trying to say that Mercola is weird and that mainstream medicine is your choice, let’s remember the current practice of mainstream
    doctors transferring fecal matter between ‘the asses’ as you slimely put it, for the
    purposes of stabilizing intestinal bacteria. What a narrow mind…never mind anything else. One can expect more slime from the author.

    • MightyMighty1

      Fecal transfers are sometimes used in extreme cases, for people whose own GI track has been unresponsive to traditional probiotics. They certainly aren’t a go-to choice for anyone. Unlike ozone-in-the-rectum-for-Ebola, they have a scientific basis.

      The mind is not meant to be endlessly open–this can lead to the brains falling out. Just like how the mouth closes around food so as to digest it, the mind closes around correct thoughts so as to digest them. Mercola pushes a lot of stuff that has no science to back it up, or even has science that refutes it. The scientific method is an important tool for ferreting out quakery–and it is underutilized by a lot of people hawking natural remedies/people who blame everything on the gut. Simcha’s point has long been: if Catholics are willing to believe quakery, it makes unbelievers think, “I guess they’ll believe anything.”

      • s k

        MIghtyMightyGOOFBALL:the God of Quackery loves you.

        Science is more than just your limited pedantics. You push a lot of stuff that has no science to back it up. Sceptics are usually very POORLY read in matters of deep interest. You are a scientific Pedant.

        • Stephanie

          sk, do you know MightyMighty in real life, or some other way that would make you feel like you were entitled to mock her and call her names? ‘cuz right now your posts just sound really weird.

      • s k

        You should read Iain Mcgilchrist…who makes a real mockery of left brain restrictive thinking…such as your mouth open/mouth close comparison to thinking. Criminy! It’s real apparent how close minded some folks can be. Slam! There goes that cunning trap-door mind again…lol. It’s hilarious. Open mouth, insert MightyMighyy….(who is really TINY TINY).

  • Faith
  • Michael Zappe

    The money quote for me is ” and it has virtually no toxicity.”

    Let’s see, about that…