Yes, I want to see your scary toe.

Yes, I want to see your scary toe. May 18, 2015

My son goes, “Want to see my scary toe?”

Oh man, what now? I think. One kid has weird shovel toenails, one has warts, one got stung on the foot by a bee, and one has some kind of horrible scar (and I’m such a good mother, I can’t even remember why). Of course I want to see your scary toe!

Behold, the scariest toe you will see all day:


photo (51)


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  • Erica S

    This is why boys are awesome! On a side note, his feet are clean, that never happens around here.

  • Might want to check the kid with shovel toenails for an iron deficiency. my little guy had “weird” toenails and fingernails (they were growing sort of spoon shaped?) which turned out to be a mild iron problem. Just fyi!

  • Amy

    LOL…that’s adorable. And it’s nice to see a handsome Fisher boy after all the beautiful girl pics! 😀

  • Claire

    That is adorable! Boys are the best!