Slimes and Blunders caption contest

Slimes and Blunders caption contest July 21, 2015

My sister Abby used to write an NFP column called “Signs and Wonders.” Her husband, naturally, referred to it as “Slimes and Blunders.”  See? Marriage building!

With that in mind, this one goes out to all you Creighton folks. Caption this for NFP Awareness Week:


Or, maybe I’m in the wrong frame of mind to write about NFP Awareness Week.


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  • Bibliophile

    LMBO!! I’d have to go with a caption along the lines of:

    “Yup- looks like ovulation is right around the corner now!” or something similarly awe inspiring.
    When my husband and I took NFP classes during our engagement, I remember being mortified as he gleefully found ways to (loudly) interject the word ‘mucus’ in any available conversation space on our walk to class. Happy NFP Week to you!

  • anna lisa

    Looks more like a depiction of the yeast infection monsters.

    (See what you reduce your readers to?)

  • Andrew Bigley

    The pump is primed its a baby making night tonight:)