Group Resources

As John Wilson, the editor of Books & Culture, said in a recent podcastSlow Church is a book meant to be read and discussed in community–book clubs, Sunday school classes, house churches, home groups, Bible studies, and more. To that end, we are designing a free, twelve-week study guide that will be available to download in early June 2014. In the meantime, here are a couple other resources you may find helpful: a special reading group bundle, and a downloadable copy of the Slow Church suggested reading list.

Reading Group Bundle


We have a special package specifically for Sunday school classes, book clubs, and other small groups. This package includes:

  • 5 copies of the Slow Church book
  • 2 copies of Chris’s book, The Virtue of Dialogue
  • 1 copy of my first book, Besides the Bible: 100 Books that Have, Should or Will Create Christian Culture – a great resource for book clubs
  • A one-year subscription (four print issues) to the Englewood Review of Books
  • Free shipping 

This is a $130 value—all for just $80. Follow this link to the order page.

In addition — whether you ordered the reading group bundle or not — we will do a half-hour Google Hangout or Skype call with any group of five or more people going through the book. For us, it’s all about the conversation!

Further Reading

In the back of the Slow Church book is a list of some of the books, websites, and publications that have helped shape our understanding of Slow Church. Here is a downloadable PDF of that reading list.

Slow Church Suggested Reading List (PDF)