April 20, 2022

How many times have we seen those who harm others or benefit from that harm being forgiven or assured of no condemnation without being called to make restitution or reparations? Read more

April 19, 2022

Forgiveness divorced from that spirit serves to only perpetuate oppression and harm. Read more

April 14, 2022

This is a story of how life conquers death, love conquers hate, sharing conquers greed, and life giving power conquers death dealing. Read more

April 13, 2022

These are valid questions. How can we reconcile seeing the cross event as a salvific divine act without unintentionally inferring a willingness to humiliate, physically denigrate, and violate someone’ body to save others? Read more

April 12, 2022

One thing that is common to all the gospel narratives is the presence of women at the tomb of Jesus. Read more

April 7, 2022

How we celebrate rituals determines the kind of humans those rituals shape us into being. We don’t have to remember the last supper in a way that glorifies death. Read more

April 6, 2022

This tradition has led quite a few modern Christians to reinterpret how they memorialize Jesus’ last supper, especially at this time of year when our attention is drawn to it once again. Read more

April 5, 2022

This time of year always amplifies several passages from the passion liturgy that are important for Jesus followers who care about justice to interpret in life-giving ways. Read more

March 31, 2022

I don’t believe Jesus’ words in John about poor people should be interpreted as establishing as an existential reality that poverty is an eternal, unchangeable given for our world. Read more

March 30, 2022

But this interpretation benefits those who are enriched by the status quo and don’t want to see structural change. Read more

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