November 6, 2019

The subject of politics is the discussion of how power is distributed and who gets access to resources. The gospels speak of distributive justice and an order where power and resources are distributed in a way that ensures a world that is safe, compassionate and just for all. Read more

October 30, 2019

And remember to stop to consider how valuable you are. In a world that may be denying your humanity, your worth, and even your existent, you are worth standing up for. You are valuable. Read more

October 28, 2019

We are to oppose injustice and resist oppression. Let’s do it together in a way that isn’t suicidal but could allow us to survive to enjoy that liberation. There are no guarantees. And remaining passive is not an acceptable option. Read more

October 25, 2019

It is in our “speaking in the light” what we have “heard in the dark” that we make true the statement, “Nothing is covered up that will not be exposed.” Read more

October 23, 2019

What would it mean in our context today to hear Jesus saying those same words to Evangelicals today: “This generation will be held responsible for it all.” Read more

October 14, 2019

It is easier to build monuments than to work toward the kind of world these visionaries envisioned could be.  Christianity, too often, has done just that. Read more

October 11, 2019

Jesus’ form of nonviolence was an act of self-affirmation in a society where one’s self was already being sacrificed. When we interpret nonviolence as self-sacrifice, irreparable harm, even lethal harm, is done to those who survive and those who are victims of violation. Read more

October 9, 2019

This means that my actions toward others are my faith. They don’t just reflect it. That means that, in this life, the closest I will ever come to the Divine, is YOU! I want my faith to bear fruit and my focus to be right here on Planet Earth with you. Read more

October 7, 2019

When we choose to neglect this basic step in how we are seeing others, it does not matter what we claim to be—light bearer or reflector—the light we claim to possess is not life-giving, but destructive. Read more

October 4, 2019

“Self-defense, in and of itself, is not violence. Violation is violence. Oppression is violence. Injustice is violence. Protecting one’s privilege and power over others is violence. Self-defense or self-affirmation in the face of all of these things is not, in and of itself, violence.” Read more

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