August 11, 2022

In the end, it’s about harm reduction and mitigation. It is the reality of this harm to everyone that outweighs the personal cost for speaking out. Read more

August 10, 2022

Our reading this week calls to mind times when we have also had to make decisions about speaking out against things we feel are unjust or harmful and facing division or controversy as a result. Read more

August 9, 2022

The struggle in the story is with the economic, political, and social harm being committed against those that society had made vulnerable, and with what should be done in response.  Read more

August 5, 2022

This week's reading can lead us to discussions about things like taxes, wealth limits, redistribution, universal health care and child care, universal basic income, and more. Read more

August 4, 2022

Instead, we see him teaching a more socialized way of living here on earth that could lift up the marginalized and downtrodden from the harms their society was committing against them. Read more

August 3, 2022

The first portion of this week’s reading centers on the ethics of resource-sharing and wealth redistribution as a universal expectation. Read more

July 28, 2022

When we do this, we are creating a new world, setting in motion a world of different quality. Read more

July 27, 2022

In the story, when we find ourselves with more than what we ourselves need to thrive, then rather than building bigger barns to store that wealth, it is time for something else. Read more

July 26, 2022

We are socialized by our U.S. culture to be uneasy here. Lean into this discomfort. Read more

July 21, 2022

The conflict between what we think we are supposed to believe and the way things are causes a deep need for resolution that many never find. Read more

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