Stop Entertaining Your Kids!

Stop Entertaining Your Kids! November 16, 2018

We parents are not responsible for our children’s entertainment.

All too often, we moms feel like it’s part of our mothering duty to entertain our kids, but it’s not. It’s our job to nurture, love and care for our kids, but entertain them? Nah, that’s their job. Kids, from infants to teens, are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves. But that doesn’t mean they will want to do the hard work of learning how. In this week’s video blog, I explain why and offer a solution to the “I’m bored” whine.

Thankfulness for Thanksgiving discusses ways for parents to encourage a heart of gratitude in their children at Thanksgiving and throughout the year.


Every year, Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier. Have we forgotten how to celebrate Thanksgiving? This article reminds parents of how to teach our kids thankfulness.

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