Thinking the Best, not the Worst

Thinking the Best, not the Worst June 14, 2019

Acts of charity should be frequent in our homes, but in reality our children rarely perform such magnanimous deeds for each other. Why do our kids treat one another with meanness instead of kindness, with a shove rather than a helping hand, and with harsh words instead of a sweet spirit? Because of their own sinful hearts, yes, but also because we have failed to instill in them how to truly love one another.

If you think well of someone, you aren’t as quick to pick a fight, shove them aside for that last piece of cake, or call them names, right? That doesn’t mean you always treat them perfectly, but warm feelings will hamper your impulse to be not so nice. The same is true of our children, albeit in a more undeveloped form. If they can acquire a deep abiding love and care for their siblings, then they will be less likely to continue in destructive behaviors toward them.

To assist in this preparation, in this video, I give some ideas on how to mold the heart to think of others.

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