200 Years of Karl Marx

200 Years of Karl Marx May 9, 2018

Here is Hancock’s latest piece on the 200th anniversary of Marx is up on DesNews:

200 Years, Apparently, Wasn’t Long Enough To Decide Marx Was Wrong

And here is a little tidbit from the article:

“The whole question, though, is that of the standpoint from which one levels a critique of a market economy. Marx’s standpoint was the dream of the revolutionary creation of a new human being, and indeed a new world. He said plainly that his point was not to understand the world but to change it. This, alas, is precisely the soft spot in liberalism that makes it vulnerable to the nonsense of Marxist or Marxian “liberation”: the idea that we can change the world for the better without understanding the permanent realities, and thus the limitations, of the human condition. “Some see things as they are. … I dream things that never were” and all that nonsense. “Idealists” (Marxist, Marxian or other) who ignore the limits of human nature in all its glory and its misery, who agitate for “change” without attending to human reality in asking what makes change good — such “idealistic” anti-capitalists have not learned the most essential lesson of the 20th century. Cut off from sobering reality, idealism is exciting. It is also destructive, and finally murderous.”



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