Fear of Commitment

Fear of Commitment November 5, 2023


Discerning Fear Of Commitment

Do you struggle to think about the future of your relationship with someone? The fear of commitment is real. Many of us struggle with the fear of commitment. We’re uneasy when our relationships reach a certain pivotal point. We’re afraid to open ourselves up to the vulnerability of exploring a deeper relationship.

Commitment is an important aspect of faith and relationships. The fear of commitment can raise its head in all aspects of our lives. This includes romantic relationships, friendships, commitment to our faith, commitment to family values, our jobs, and more.

Everyone has dealt with the fear of commitment at some point in their life. As Christians, we believe that God has a plan for all of us. When we trust in God’s plan, we can end this fear. It’s important to understand that God is in control. What are some of the ways that we can discern and deal with our fear of commitment?

Pray For Discernment

As Christians, God hears our prayers for discernment and guidance. We can ask God for His wisdom regarding a commitment that we’re struggling to make. Fear of commitment can be a sign that this isn’t God’s will in our life. Ask God for his clarity and guidance to peace. Trust in God’s leadership.

Faith Over Fear

In the Bible, we’re taught that faith can conquer our fear. We’re encouraged to strengthen our faith in God to overcome our fear of commitment. Read the scriptures and meditate on His words. There are many great verses in the Bible on faith that also offer encouragement and motivation. Psalm 37: 5-6.

What Is The Purpose Of Commitment?

From our Christian perspective, commitment isn’t a social or a personal obligation; it’s a reflection of God’s commitment to His People. In order for us to fully understand this, we must first understand the biblical concept of covenant relationships, wherein commitment is based on love, faithfulness, and sacrifice. Only then can we understand the purpose of commitment.

Community Support

When we choose to fellowship with like-minded individuals, we can offer one another encouragement and accountability. Those who choose to fellowship in this manner will find that they have more support. They can also pray for one another and give each other encouragement. This includes attending church functions together, family get-togethers, and more.

Counseling Or Professional Help

Sometimes, the answer isn’t so readily available. In these cases, you may wish to consider some form of counseling. Counseling can be with a pastor or minister, a licensed counselor, or even group therapy. It can work to help us sort through feelings that are blocking us from receiving God’s discernment. Counseling can also help us to discover that our fear of commitment is rooted in emotional or psychological issues. Christian counselors and therapists have helped many to understand the root cause of their fear of commitment.


Taking some time for self-reflection can go far in helping us to discern our fear of commitment. Sometimes, this introspection and self-awareness, along with prayer and guidance from the scriptures, can not only lead us to personal growth but also a transformation.

Unconditional Love And Forgiveness

Love and forgiveness are the foundational aspects of Christian teaching. This can help us in any form of fear of commitment. Do you love your job, or have you just settled with it? That relationship that you’ve had with that special someone for many years, what’s holding the two of you back from the next step?

Reviewing the above points will go far in helping you to recognize whether or not you’re ready for the next steps in commitment. If you’ve been struggling with the fear of commitment, you can find strength and wisdom by utilizing these Christian principles. Only then can you embrace the blessings that come from meaningful commitments.

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