Breaking: SYNOD 2024 Agenda Revealed – Mass Apostasy

Breaking: SYNOD 2024 Agenda Revealed – Mass Apostasy February 3, 2024

Summary: Great Catholic Reset Arriving This Spring

National Catholic Reporter (NCR) is reporting that listening sessions are planned for this spring. The focus is on the implementation of the synodal mission of “mercy” at Catholic institutions and schools. The  post-synodal documents guarantee that this implementation is about heretical doctrinal reform of the Church’s teachings on sexual ethics and the practical application of these heresies to the LGBT community. If the synodal process is not terminated, Amoris Laetitia will become the official teaching document for sexual ethics at every Catholic institution.  That means that sexual morality will come from “science” rather than the Bible and Divine Revelation.

If the synod is not halted, Pope Francis will succeed in imposing heresy and mass apostasy at every Catholic school in America. Schools will be sued into oblivion if they try to fight this on a case-by-case basis. Only strong opposition from the bishops can protect our schools and institutions.

Pope Francis is wasting no time on this implementation phase. Vatican News has just reported that Francis hosted the entire Board of Trustees from the University of Notre Dame. The current president of the university, Fr. John Jenkins, was in attendance.

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Partial, Edited Transcript

Hello, everyone! This is John Gravino. Welcome to a special episode of  SOUL SCIENCE. This is a developing story. News coming out of the Vatican that pertains to the synod that we are in the middle of, and so I just want to  get right in this breaking report. … 

Confronting the Pope of Suspicion

So we’re going to be talking a little bit about about this  very important book, which happens to be my book. So a story coming out of National Catholic Reporter that has gone unnoticed …sort of flown under the radar … is basically confirming that the agenda for the 2024 synod, happening in October of 2024, is basically what I’ve been calling for years now “the great Catholic reset.” That’s how I described it in my book Confronting the Pope of Suspicion. And if you’re not familiar with the concept “the great Catholic

reset,” I’m going to explain it to you in the current episode.

Notre Dame Called to the Vatican

 But this news is fresh. This is brand new. This came from the Vatican News  just yesterday. It turns out that  Pope Francis met with the University of Notre Dame Board of Trustees. That’s the University of Notre Dame right here in South Bend, Indiana. The Fighting Irish. I’ve got a screenshot up here of the article in the Vatican paper, which was was just published yesterday. I want you to take a very close look at the photograph. That room is full.  Apparently, that is the Board of Trustees. But I want you to pay close attention to the two priests on either side of Pope Francis. On the right hand side of the photograph, we have Father John Jenkins. Father John Jenkins is the current president of the University of Notre Dame. He is retiring at the end of this school. Here, to the left of the photograph, we have … I don’t recall his name … but I know by his face that that is the current vice president and the incoming president of the University of Notre Dame.

So all the big wigs from the University of Notre Dame flew across the ocean to meet with Pope Francis, apparently yesterday. I’ve got some quotes here, and I’ll just I’ll read this one to you. Also, if you’re interested in the article, I’ve got the URL link down below…. I might actually include this on the show notes at Patheos. This is very big news, and it’s related to the story that is developing right now. Let me grab this quote for you. It contains a very big  and dangerous dog whistle in it. … 

The Primacy of Conscience

“The pope asked the Catholic educators of Notre Dame if they help young people dream, inviting them to respond in their own conscience.”

 If you’ve read my book, you know that  “conscience” is a very big  concept in Amoris Laetitia. And it was a very  important and central concept in a heretical theology that was started in the 1970s by Charles Curran. He was fired and banned for life from ever teaching Catholic theology again by Pope John Paul II. …

I just want to get to the developing news here. So, anyway, “conscience.” That’s a big dog whistle in the article. There are a number of dog whistles in the article. 

Plans for the Upcoming Synod

This is the report where I got the story. It’s dated January 4th, 2024. So this article’s already a month old. There has been nothing. There’s been no discussion in the media of this incredibly important story. Okay, I’m pretty sure I know why. One of the reasons why is because the Catholic media doesn’t understand how important this story is. What a big development this is. One of the reasons why: so many of them haven’t  read my book.  I guarantee you, if John Zmirak had seen this story, he would know exactly what this is about. So, National Catholic Reporter, on January 4th of this year,  publishes an article. …

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