Synod Is Targeting Catholic Schools

Synod Is Targeting Catholic Schools March 26, 2024

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Important Excerpt From Soul #8

Partial, Edited Transcript

So Fiducia Supplicans (FS) is important. It’s important to condemn Fiducia—yes, okay.  But we can’t take our eye off of the dubia—particularly dubium number one.  Because it points out the heresy in Amoris Laetitia.  It points out the heresy in the Pope’s motu proprio,  Ad Theologiam Promovendam.  And it points out the heresy of the synodal final report. And also of the German Synodal Way.

Condemn the Heresy!

And if we do not condemn that heresy in the strongest terms, it is going to be allowed to circulate through the church and all of our organizations and institutions including your local Catholic school. Okay?

Jesuits Target Catholic Schools

And that’s what we’re coming to right here. In my last article, I talked about how the Jesuits have appointed a new director for LGBT activism. And I pointed out in this article that it was broken into two phases. 2023 of October was the first phase. [Excuse me.] And then the second phase is going to happen in October of this year, 2024.

Synodal Implementation This Year

So I broke some news on my last show, a couple of blogs ago. 2024 is nothing more than the implementation of the 2023 synod. So it’s basically the implementation of the 2023 final report. They’re going to be implementing this idea that science can change the church’s teaching on sexual ethics. [SEE PODCAST FOR THE FULL SHOW]

Text of the Dubia Cardinals:

Notification to Christ’s Faithful (can. 212 § 3)

Regarding Dubia Submitted to

Pope Francis

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We, members of the Sacred College of Cardinals, in accord with the duty of all the faithful “to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church” (can. 212 § 3) and, above all, in accord with the responsibility of Cardinals “to assist the Roman Pontiff … individually … especially in the daily care of the universal Church” (can. 349), in view of various declarations of highly-placed Prelates, pertaining to the celebration of the next Synod of Bishops, that are openly contrary to the constant doctrine and discipline of the Church, and that have generated and continue to generate great confusion and the falling into error among the faithful and other persons of good will, have . . . submitted five dubia to Pope Francis. . . . a copy of which is attached.  


Yours in Christ,

Walter Cardinal Brandmüller

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Juan Cardinal Sandoval Íñiguez

Robert Cardinal Sarah

Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun

Rome, 2 October 2023




(Submitted July 10, 2023)

1 Dubium about the claim that we should reinterpret Divine Revelation according to the cultural and anthropological changes in vogue.

After the statements of some Bishops, which have been neither corrected nor retracted, it is asked whether in the Church Divine Revelation should be reinterpreted according to the cultural changes of our time and according to the new anthropological vision that these changes promote; or whether Divine Revelation is binding forever, immutable and therefore not to be contradicted, according to the dictum of the Second Vatican Council, that to God who reveals is due “the obedience of faith”(Dei Verbum 5); that what is revealed for the salvation of all must remain “in their entirety, throughout the ages” and alive, and be “transmitted to all generations” (7); and that the progress of understanding does not imply any change in the truth of things and words, because faith has been “handed on … once and for all” (8), and the Magisterium is not superior to the Word of God, but teaches only what has been handed on (10).

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Synod Is Targeting Catholic Schools
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Synod Is Targeting Catholic Schools
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Synod Is Targeting Catholic Schools

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