November 22, 2022

Crowds outside church | Indian Express Church Crowds, Curious and Committed I am a part of a well-known megachurch in South India, in a prominent city. Sunday mornings, both entrances of the building where the church gathers, would be chockful of people, either entering or exiting, through its two gates. Traffic would tend to pile up or clog the road just outside, since it is a main thoroughfare. The church’s traffic volunteers would have hands full in regulating the crowds,... Read more

November 18, 2022

Second Chance Explained I love family dramas and just finished watching the final episode of Chesapeake Shores on Netflix. The drama about a family of 7, parents and children together, their growth, life and stories, made an interesting watch. The series gives an insight into impact of the parents’ divorce on the children, backtracing from past childhood to forwarding in present adult life. To the surprise of all, the man/father of the family, a workaholic, the reason for the separation,... Read more

November 8, 2022

FALL BANE Britannica site informs us that Autumn is called fall season since the trees shed their leaves and flowers during this season to survive the upcoming harsh cold winters. Tropical climates nurture deciduous plants  which lose their leaves to conserve water or to better survive dry weather conditions and regrow new foliage during the next suitable growing season. Dropping of foliage gives the plant a fresh start in the spring, and the nutrients from the decaying leaves are recycled... Read more

November 1, 2022

FALL BEAUTY I loved studying Geography in school and do remember the various climatic belts and zones of the world – Equatorial, Tropical, Temperate, Mediterranean and Arctic.  I can still hear my teacher dinning into us that Mediterranean climate had “hot dry summers and cool wet winters!” Temperates, on the other hand, I came to know, had four distinct seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Living in the tropics, my classmates and I used to joke that we had... Read more

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