Ten Tips on How to Handle Transition

Ten Tips on How to Handle Transition August 20, 2023


Transition times

Transition is a change or shift from one state, subject, place, etc. to another. August is usually a time of transition, with parents and students negotiating the move from and to various levels of education. Climatically also it is the season of wrestling with the dog days of summer before autumn sets in the Northern hemisphere. Tove Jansson declares “August is the border between summer and autumn”. August in the Southern hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of February, wherein there is a move from the coldness of winter to the warmth of summer.

Culturally or socially or ethnically, this is again a time when countries, such as India, Malaysia, and Indonesia, celebrate their transition into freedom from foreign rule.

Transition transit

Transition by itself is quite unsettling, and transiting through it is quite an art or trait. Such periods are indeed quite unnerving, since going through a passage between seasons and places is often alarming.

This is because, for one, you are neither there nor here. For another, you can see what you left behind, but not what is ahead. The time of your past, where you were and what you have been, is still visible, clear and fresh in your memory, but you aren’t yet able to see the future, what you will be or how it will be.

You look back with nostalgia at what has been and draw strength from it. Drawing inspiration from it, you even talk about it a lot, because it acts as a reference point, a solid anchor for your present. Trying to prevent it from disappearing from your purview, you hold on to it but you soon lose sight of it.

Door in the air | Prince Caspian | Wattpad

In one of the stories in the Chronicles of Narnia, specifically in Prince Caspian, the four children enter a passage through a tree to leave Narnia. As they walk along the dark passage, behind them they still can look back and see Narnia. Then comes a time in their walk when Narnia is no longer visible. Now they just have to keep steadily moving forward, even though they see nothing ahead. As they continue walking, they soon see the glimmer of their world at the other end. The light increases, becoming brighter as they get closer, until they finally emerge into the full light and their world again.

Transition trauma

Transition is similar to journey from one place to another. However, in the case of travelling, the fact that you get to see places or things passing by your window and being able to watch where you are going, makes it pleasant and thrilling. Also, with travel, you do know the duration of the journey, even when there is a delay. It is only when the waiting gets prolonged that you become restless. Still you are not troubled too much since you are in touch with your surroundings. Besides, other people are also with you who are in the same predicament. Thus, you are helped and comforted.

However, in and during transition, you have to simply go on even when you can’t see anything.  You feel like you are groping in the dark, like a person with a blindfold. When you begin the transition, you do see and know where you are going. Yet, once you enter in, just as in a tunnel, there will come a point and time where there seems to be only darkness all around. You can neither see where you are going nor what you have left behind. You just have to trust the way you know, and trust that the vision you saw does exist on the other side!

This is the most tricky part and point in traversing through transition – reaching the place where you can no longer see what you have left behind nor have the comfort of seeing the promise of something ahead. There is only darkness and dimness all around, nothing concrete is visible. There is no datum point to help you fix your bearings or your surrounding or anything to pin your hope on.

The only surety you have is that the path you are on will surely lead to where you need to go. There is also the guarantee of the dawn that you’ve already had a glimpse of being just ahead of you. It is time to walk by faith and not by sight, since you have no sight to see at all!


Transition tips

When the world around seems dark and dim and the present is the only all-consuming reality which leaves you in a bind because you feel lost, what should you do? How do you handle such time of uncertainty and the unknown?

Here are some ways to help transit through transition time:

1. Don’t panic

People become very jittery and unsettled when familiar landmarks, practices, events and even people disappear from their sight or life. They keep trying to go back to what they know or do what they did before, but will find these failing to help them or give them the results they desire. Many often go back to what they are used and turn back rather than pursuing the way of the Lord. The disciples went back to fishing after Jesus death and resurrection. He then comes to them, to their work and place of refuge, their fishing boats and fishing. He then points them to what He had already chosen them to be and do – fishers of men.

2. Take one day at a time

Just live for the day fulfil the duties at hand. Be content to do what you have to do daily and be satisfied with living the day to the fullest. Find joy in the small things of life and what you can accomplish with what you have.

3. Don’t plan too much ahead

If you think too much of what might happen or what might be, you will lose your peace and become agitated. This frame of mind will cause you to feel even more depressed and lost. You may tend to make hasty or wrong decisions and so wait for the darkness to lighten. Live with what you know to do and what you have in hand, rather than aimlessly trying to plan for months ahead.

Sut up in a cocoon | Unsplash

4. Remember the darkness is temporary but necessary

Just as a caterpillar goes through a stage of being confined in a dark cocoon, you will have to pass through this time to reach the next level. This period between seasons is temporary and not permanent, something even an insect knows and hence doesn’t struggle to escape it.

5. Keep in mind the goal and vision you have seen

Don’t forget what you saw or comprehended before you entered this tunnel of darkness or time of confinement. That is the goal you need to reach and for which you need this time of limitation. The passage had an entry and will surely, therefore, have an exit. God didn’t make you enter this phase without being able to help you out of it. So, encourage yourself with what you know to be true rather than being discouraged by what you see.

6. Be in and at rest rather than in agitation
Enjoy the season of rest that has been given to you rather wasting it by worrying. A bear hibernate’s in winter to conserve energy and strength, coming out of its cave rejuvenated in spring. Take this time to relax, catch up on things you missed, sleep well and in general recuperate yourself to face the new season.

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7. Recognize the times and seasons
Develop your senses to know the change that will begin all around you. Quieten yourself to watch for the signs of the season ahead, just as the lightening of the darkness signals the tunnel’s end. Begin to note the signs of dawn that portend the new day.

8. Prepare yourself for the new season
Instead of moaning or grumbling or panicking, begin to acquire new skills and new competencies. Have the attitude and demeanour of a student to learn new things. Use the time profitably to develop new habits and hobbies, if possible, new experience. Realign and restore things you have lost or been unable to concentrate on in the previous season. Assess what you may need in the new season and get yourself prepped up to handle it. Don’t waste the transition time, but use it profitably.

9. Confide in a few faithful ones
Have a few confidants and confide in them when the darkness becomes overwhelming or uncertainty is pressing you down. Don’t isolate yourself, but seek the help of a small number of faithful people who can and will support you in every way. Don’t try to show yourself strong, but lean on their wisdom and strength for they will be able to encourage you. Be accountable to them so that you don’t slip back or away from doing the right thing in a dark time.

10. Live by faith and not by sight
Stop trying to live by what your senses tell you, but each day trust in Him. The Bible says that His mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness, great. He Who made the day to appear after the night, making it an eternal ordinance, will cause the light to appear in your darkness and cause you to enter the new day. He will never let you go nor will He abandon you. So, take heart and trust in Him implicitly.

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Transition transformation

Transitions can occur or happen at any time, in any sphere and, at any occasion. Transition time is scary since you between the new and the old, and at a limbo in everything. You may be in a state of leaving the familiar and moving to an unknown place or position.

In Jermiah 48, we come across a significant passage in v11: “Moab has been at rest from youth, like wine left on its dregs, not poured from one jar to another— she has not gone into exile. So she tastes as she did, and her aroma is unchanged.

Being poured from one vessel to another, being moved from one season or place or phase to another is not easy, but if you are not, then you remain the same, without undergoing metamorphosis. There won’t be growth or cleansing or going higher. You won’t lose your impurities and become transformed.

Don’t resist transition, but bear with it and walk through it as being mandatory and necessary for progress.

You may not like it, but don’t retract or retreat from it!

During transition, stay calm and transit through it in quietmess, emerging stronger and better for having gone through it!

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