People leaving and people choosing to be here right now

People leaving and people choosing to be here right now January 29, 2017

I do see a lot of people being challenged by being on the planet right now. There is a LOT going on! But there are some great things coming – so for all of you out there that are being frustrated, frightened or overwhelmed – hang in there. These are the transformational times you signed up for. You wanted to be here during this time to see what shifts you could help with or support or experience. (I’m guessing a lot of people don’t remember choosing to be here now.) That ol’ Baby Boom happened for a reason – you all have a wonderful reason for being here now! Remember when you were “younger” – you actually enjoyed roller coasters and Ferris wheels? You weren’t so afraid back then. You were more willing to laugh and have adventures! Bring that trust, excitement and willingness back into your experience and it won’t feel so scary now.

AND there are more and more waves of Beings choosing to be born here now! They must know something. We’re not naive or stupid souls. We all know something wonderful is happening (even if it feels challenging at times.) We’re all here together. No worries – just share big smiles, a strong faith in something Bigger – and being kind to each other as we adventure through this lifetime together!


Pamala Oslie

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