Partisan Spirituality

Partisan Spirituality March 27, 2022

Who is over this us vs. them culture war we are experiencing in the U.S.? Am I the only one? I can’t be, can I? Tell me it isn’t so? The American political divide is expanding. The two-party system is only bringing about more issues with getting laws passed to better help equip our country. Looks like the only thing we are agreeing with lately is being at war with Russia in the very near future (yay).

We can go back and forth all day with what steps are needed to bring unity within this country (I don’t think politics is one of them). If we are coming from the Christian perspective, love should be the main tool to guide us there (Col 3:14). Easier said than done, I know, I know. Can the church, do it? What church are you talking about (you might ask)? The institutional church and all its denominations? Or the organic church, with no pastors or tithing requirements? Both, I suppose. Regardless of the type, we will have to stop taking ourselves too seriously.

A More Flippant Church

As participants in the Jesus Way, I think having a more flippant view of ourselves will help. Humor heals! We have to let go of this economy of exchange mentality. Lets let go of that rat race and step into the Kingdom of heaven! Where proving and arguing our points are not the process. But letting go, listening and seeking reconciliation is the path.

Holding onto certain ideas too closely is also a hindrance to our growth in a unified community. Fundamentalism is never the path to true healing and liberation. Right now, in our current “Christian” culture in the U.S., all we see is strict fundamentalist worldviews bleeding out from both sides (conspiracy theorist vs social warriors).

It’s when we as a church attempt to make our communities better solely by the elephant and donkey–not the Lamb–is where things become stale. Maybe, Bill Maher is right, we need to stop talking politics with each other all together. Turn the other political cheek! Be more of an active citizen and start doing your part. Taking action is the best critique of the bad, right Fr. Rohr?

Isn’t that what we are supposed to be, anyway? Be a light on a hill, healers, and fruit bearers? Orthopraxy has to be more of a disposition within our faith tradition and not so much orthodoxy. Yes, beliefs are needed to an extent. But those beliefs only go as far as how we are loving our neighbor and our enemies, right? I do; therefore, I am (out of the way, René Descartes).

Practices can be versatile. We must let go of the idea that we must have this ageism divide between the old and new. To become unified (John 17:23) we will have to be more open to both sides of the old and new paradigm. We don’t want to fall for the trap of, “You have a fine way of rejecting the commandment of God (LOVE) in order to establish your tradition”.

The lack of courage and the absence of vulnerability play a huge part when it comes to the church not expanding her practical horizons. Traditions’ role within the faith is an important piece of the unity within diversity puzzle. We have hurt people by not participating in some traditions due to the lack of love from “Christians” for the “other”.  The sense of not truly belonging stems from not receiving the recognition from others of acceptance.

When we are not willing to truly take the dive into loving the other, we always will ostracize. They do not need to be wrapped in one traditional bow or some out of the box progressive ministry. It can be all or none, but it does have to be something we do together.

Let’s keep pursuing humbleness regarding our egos and keep Grace at the forefront. What’s that line? “All have sinned so all will be forgiven due to GRACE ” (in the Bible somewhere Romans 3:23-24 maybe?). When will Jesus’ crew finally step up to the call of earth as it is in heaven?

I know we as a species take some time to get things right. Patience is always a virtue (maybe), but I mean, good God man! This partisan spirituality bullshit has to go! Let us pray for some flood of humor to heal the nations…hallelujah!

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