A book to jump-start Egyptian magical practice

A book to jump-start Egyptian magical practice February 9, 2016

Ancient Egyptian Magic, Eleanor Harris, Weiser 2015

This reprint of a 1998 book is a welcome addition to the Egyptian Magic bookshelf. It’s written for beginners, but it’s also a handy reference for experienced practitioners who want to quickly look something up. Personally I find beginners books can revitalize my practice with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

The book gives a brief overview of the basics of Egyptian Magic. There’s a nice summary of the nine bodies including ba, ka, and akh, one of the trickier concepts to grasp. The list of amulets covers both meaning and instructions on how to make them. I wear an udjat, “Solar Eye”, and was pleased to see Harris reference Weret-Hekau as one of the goddesses who wield the eye.

Interestingly, the chapter on using magical script also includes instructions for shapeshifting. One of the striking characteristics of Egyptian magic is the many forms that deities can take and how they seem to shift into one another. Writing was also a vital tool in the religious toolkit. A profound understanding underlies the linking of writing and shapeshifting.

Other chapters cover divination, numerous spells, and a glossary of goddesses and gods. It’s a great tome to jump-start or revitalize your Egyptian magical practice.

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