Seven Magical Ways to Prepare for Your Own Crossing

Part of dealing with life is facing the fact that it will one day come to an end. Magic gives us the tools to prepare for our own crossing. Read more

Five Things I Learned from the Women’s March

One. When women are in charge the world is more peaceful. The march was a gentle moment, just people walking. We can credit this to the fact that it was organized by and around women. Of course there are hawkish women leaders who have authorized war acts, criminal women who have committed assault and murder, women soldiers serving in the military. Even so Joshua Goldstein in War and Gender concluded that in the history of the world it has been… Read more

Christmas is for Pagans too

Christmas framed my childhood. I miss it! Read more

Resistance to Trump: Seven Magical Tips

It’s official: the electoral college confirmed the election of Donald Trump. Here are seven ways magic workers can resist the tide of oppression. Read more

Prayer for Standing Rock

The Standing Rock tribe has asked that we join them in prayer. Here is a prayer to Athena. Read more

When your ancestors are racist

My ancestors are Trump people. Read more

We need art now more than ever

Art saved me this week. Read more

Helping a loved one die

I helped someone die this week. It was a sacred privilege. It’s Samhain season, the time of year when magical folk talk about remembering our ancestors and recognizing death. American culture pushes the actual process of death out of sight and we don’t talk about it much. So I want to talk about what it is like to be actively engaged with the death process. Read more

The best devotional method

The most complete, detailed, and sophisticated description of the devotional method is Aleister Crowley’s Liber Astarte. Read more

Writing a book as initiation

In September 2013 I drove out to a friend’s country house for a weekend writing retreat. Six months later I emerged with a manuscript that was technically done. I was startled when it did not land well with early readers. Read more

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