Going Clear: is O.T.O. a “black magic cult”?


In the documentary “Going Clear” author Lawrence Wright called Parsons “the head honcho in this black magic cult”, the O.T.O., Ordo Templi Orientis. I don’t identify as a member of a cult or as a practitioner of black magic. So what does “black magic cult” actually mean? [Read more...]

L. Ron Hubbard the Magickian?


L. Ron Hubbard studied magick. How good was he at it? [Read more...]

L. Ron Hubbard and the O.T.O.


Lawrence Wright touched on the early connection between Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons, who was involved in a “black magic cult”. The group he is talking about is my fraternity, Ordo Templi Orientis. [Read more...]

Are demons real?

Medieval grimoires treated demons as fierce spirits with powers that could be harnessed to the magician’s will through compulsion. In psychologized magic demons are projections of our unresolved issues and repressed selfish desires. [Read more...]

Is “Do What Thou Wilt” a moral code?

Thelemites live by the Law of Freedom, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Is this a moral code? [Read more...]

Magicians and climate change

When I first woke up to how desperate our situation has become I became suicidal. It was the one-two-three punch of climate change plus exhaustion of oil plus big corporations controlling the world. [Read more...]

Thelema and Witchcraft, Part Two: Aleister Crowley, Witch?

Gerald Gardner met Aleister Crowley in the last year of his life. We know that Crowley affiliated Gardner into the O.T.O., certainly at IVth degree and probably at VIIth, and issued him a charter to form an O.T.O. camp. There are persistent stories that the initiatory currents went both ways – not only was Gardner an O.T.O. initiate, but Crowley was a Witch. [Read more...]