A Beautiful and Sobering Anecdote

A Beautiful and Sobering Anecdote July 3, 2016


I’m not familiar with Christ the Savior Orthodox Church, but I did stumble across them on social media yesterday morning. This post from last year is still making the social media rounds. Let me quote it in full for you:

Important reminder on how we ought (or ought not) receive people into our Church home, and our hearts! Please read below. Christ is Risen!


Metropolitan Antony Bloom once explained how during one Liturgy he went out to give the homily and said the following:

“Yesterday evening a woman with her baby came into the church during services. She was wearing pants and no head covering. One of you criticized her. She left. I don’t know who criticized her, but I hereby order them to pray for her and that baby until the end of their days, so that God will save [the woman and her baby]. Because thanks to one of you she might never again come to church.”

He turned around and left. That was the whole homily.

Lord, when did I see you uncomfortable, or out of place, or not meeting my standards? When did I speak ill of you, deny you welcome, look down on you, or speak ill of you behind your back?

Lord, have mercy!

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