Mary is a mother and starving writer; Michael is a father and a philosopher. Our souls proclaim the greatness of the Lord, the rest of us survive day to day in the Ohio River Valley.

We seek to honor all that is holy, decent and aesthetic by writing about stuff. Sometimes we write positive reviews of good movies.  Sometimes we write pannings of bad movies. Sometimes we write poetry or fiction. Often, we write about news and politics, and we do so badly. Sometimes we write memoirs, and sometimes we write religious meditations.   All of this with the aim of talking about stuff that needs to be talked about and having a good time, not to mention finding the Heavenly grace hidden in our everyday experience. As I say incessantly, everything is grace!

Tin Cup – Michael and I are very fortunate to have this blog and to know all of you. We’re having a blast. And we’re extremely grateful that our basic needs are met almost all the time now; we’re in a better space than we’ve been in years past. Michael and I do get paid for clicks from Patheos, but at this stage of the game the majority of our income is usually from tips. So I humbly ask you: if you like what you read, give me a tip. If you dislike what you read but want to be nice anyway, give me a tip. A lot of the tips we get are of the five-and-ten-dollar variety, and we greatly appreciate them. You guys keep the lights on around here.

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