More Information On the Slaying of Father Jacques Hamel

More Information On the Slaying of Father Jacques Hamel July 30, 2016


Please take a moment and read this whole article from Sky News.

There are three things you should take away from this article: First of all, Adel Kermiche’s imam, the leader of his particular mosque, is so disgusted by the murder that he does not want to “taint Islam” by associating with him. Kermiche is not going to be buried by members of his faith; they view him as excommunicated by his act of terrorism. Some people will apply the No-True-Scotsman fallacy here, but I hope most of my readers will realize what this means about the teachings of Islam regarding murder.

Secondly, Sister Hugette Peron reports that the terrorists told her they were killing the priest to protest the bombings in Syria. The martyrdom of Father Jacques Harmel was an unjustifiable terrorist act, but it was, according to his murderers themselves, not a religious matter.

Third, the bombing campaign is inspiring further terrorist attacks.

It is very easy to hate, at times like these. Our anger is justified. Just make sure that you’re getting angry at the right things.

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