I Invite You To Read

I Invite You To Read August 12, 2016


(Image via Pixabay.)

This heart-rending piece on the experience of depression and how to be compassionate to those who suffer.  Michael J. Lichens writes:

“If someone in your life is suffering mental anguish, I can tell you from experience what works and doesn’t work. Don’t try to cure them unless you are a doctor or a real wonder-worker, and for heaven’s sake do not try to tell them, “But how can you be depressed!” Instead, let them know that they do have a friend, who is willing to carry a lot of their pains if necessary, and accept it if silence is their only response. Then, pray for help and that grace will be sufficient to get them through, but be aware that you probably are called to be an instrument of that grace. It means some work, but love demands it.”

Please read the whole thing.

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