You Know Who I Feel Sorry For Right Now?

You Know Who I Feel Sorry For Right Now? October 8, 2016


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I feel sorry for my daughter.

At the moment I write this, a month til the general election, Hillary Clinton stands at the cusp of an 85% chance of winning the presidential election. A virtual shoe-in. The first woman president of the United States of America. The first woman president in over 200 years. History is being made. Huzzah.

And what kind of woman? A woman who supports abortion, which I view to be a hideous crime against women and children, a true sign that our society completely disvalues the vocation of motherhood. A woman in bed with corporate money. A woman who is a war hawk. A woman who’s basically an old Republican white guy only openly pro-choice. I’m not one of those hysterical conspiracy theorists about Hillary Clinton, I don’t think she’s the antichrist or the worst person in the world, but she’s not my idea of an inspiration, not by a long shot. I’ll stick with Joan of Arc,   Catherine of Sienna and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

And why Hillary Clinton a virtual shoe-in?

Is it because of her resume? Is it because she’s been an attorney for so many years? Is it because she was a senator or the Secretary of State? Is it because of her ideas and plans– many of which I do support and some of which, as I’ve already said, I oppose?

No. She might have won regardless, but right now she’s winning because her opponent is the worst example of a human being America has to offer. An overt racist. A philandering cad who brags about sexual assault and who’s appeared in a porno. A trust fund baby who frittered away 900 million dollars and may not have paid a cent in taxes since. A man with a raging case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A man who has never held public office. A reality television star. A man who started his campaign by saying that Mexicans are rapists and has now been revealed to be a sexual abuser himself. Frankly, I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. I dislike her, but nobody deserves this. She’s extremely likely to go down in history as the first woman president, but she’ll go down in history as the woman who won because her opponent was a joke. She might have won anyway, but she’s going to win because her opponent is a joke. We’re going to remember this hideous joke of an election for generations.

And, as I’ve said, I’m sorry for my daughter, who will have to read in history about this mess, and who may be told and come to believe that a woman can only become president if she runs against a joke. That a woman’s only chance to hold office is if the man she’s running against is a disaster; that she wouldn’t have a chance against a competent man. I hope that’s not the line she gets, but she might.

What a mess.




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