Richard Spencer Sieg Heils Trump

Richard Spencer Sieg Heils Trump November 22, 2016


This just happened:

Here we have Richard Spencer of the Alt Right, which I wrote about last week, leading a crowd of white nationalists  sieg-heiling our president-elect Donald Trump, referring to the media by the Nazi term “Lügenpresse” questioning if some people are people at all, and calling fellow human beings “the most despicable creatures ever to populate the planet.” This happened on November 19th. You can read all about it in The Atlantic. 

Now, to be fair, President-elect Trump was not there. And one of his spokesmen has denounced his remarks, though one would much prefer if the president himself did so.  Hopefully he gets around to it. (Perhaps in 140 characters or less if he is busy?)

But it is very frightening to me to hear dangerous people like this so happy over any official’s election, let alone the president of the United States. It is frightening to hear a man who has called for “ethnic cleansing” so triumphant about anything right here in my country.

I wish I could tell myself “it can’t happen here,” but the fact is, it can happen anywhere. And it’s got a toe-hold in my own country, right now. We as Christians have to be prepared to fight ethnic cleansing, whatever form it takes. White nationalism and the violence it espouses is not pro-life, it’s not Christian, it’s not in any way okay, and we have to be ready and willing to denounce it and to fight against it whenever it rears its ugly head.

This is not something we’re allowed to stand by and watch.

Because it’s happening here.

11/23/2016 update: Thankfully, it seems that President Trump has himself now finally disavowed the alt right, several days after this incident. Hopefully he continues to condemn them whenever they pop up. 

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