A Memo To Everyone Still Saying “But Hillary!”

A Memo To Everyone Still Saying “But Hillary!” February 18, 2017


I have a quick message for a certain type of Trump supporter. Specifically, this message is for everyone out there who’s still answering every objection to TV’s Donald Trump with “But Hillary!” This is particularly for those people who dislike and fear Trump, didn’t want Trump in the first place, but keep reminding everyone that they voted for him and had to do it because Hillary Clinton would have been worse.

Judging by my combox and the comment sections of my friends, there are lots of you folks.

I have some information you really need to know: Trump has already been elected.

He’s already been elected. I promise. There is zero chance that he’s going to lose the 2016 election. It’s a done deal. There is zero chance that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 election and fulfill her dastardly plan of being a relatively centrist mediocre Democratic president, only female. It’s not gonna happen. I don’t even think there’s much chance of her getting the Democratic nomination in 2020 after the way she blew what should have been a cake walk last year, but I guess you never know. The point is, 2016 is over. The election already happened. I don’t know what’s going to befall our country in the next three years and ten months (yes, I’m counting the days), but it’s not going to involve Hillary Clinton being the president.

If Trump is impeached or resigns, they will not bring Hillary back to DC borne aloft on a golden throne. She will not become the president. That’s not how the line of succession works. Mike Pence of the soothing voice and alarming crash dummy head will become the president. Mike Pence is a republican. He’s pro-life, at least as far as the unborn are concerned. I don’t think he’s clinically insane. Other than that I dislike him, but that’s not really relevant right now. He’s the next in line for the presidency. If Pence should follow his boss in resignation, impeachment or whatever, we get Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. If the same thing happens to Ryan we get Senator Orrin Hatch. If Orrin goes down the hatch, we get Secretary Rex Tillerson. If Rex wrecks, we get Secretary Steve Mnuchin. If Mnuchin nukes himself, we get Secretary James Mattis. If Mattis goes to the mat, we get Jeff Sessions, God help us. I can’t think of a pun for Sessions, but if he manages to fumble this as well, we end up with Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse for president.

Michael Scuse is the first Democrat in the line of succession. I don’t believe that that makes a difference, but for those of you who can’t bring yourself to support a Democrat because of the party’s stance on the abortion issue: Michael Scuse is eighth in line for the presidency of the United States. Everybody before him is Republican. And after Michael Scuse we have the Republicans Tom Price and Betsey DeVos, and then the independents David Shulkin and John F. Kelly. In case you haven’t noticed, none of these people are Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is not going to be president.

You don’t have to fight against her anymore.

You chose Donald Trump as the lesser evil. I respectfully yet vehemently disagree with your choice, but in any case, here we are, Clinton-less.

Hillary Clinton will not come back if Trump resigns, is impeached or confined to a padded cell. She will not come back even if direct sunlight strikes Donald Trump and he dissolves into a small pile of Cheeto coating. She certainly won’t come back if Trump gets his feelings hurt by criticism. She won’t come back if people protest against Trump with signs and slogans. She won’t come back if the courts continue to protect our democracy from Trump’s executive orders. She’s toast.

You have nothing to lose.

You told me you disliked Donald Trump but felt he was a lesser evil. Okay. In your opinion, the greater evil is vanquished. Now we’ve got the evil of Donald Trump to contend with, and you won’t bring back the greater evil by fighting it. That’s not how evil works. You don’t have to jump back into the frying pan after you’ve landed in the fire; you can crawl off the stove. Or, at least, you should try to.

Stop fighting against Hillary. You won that round. Now turn your efforts against Trump. Applaud like mad when he does something pro-life; support him to the hilt in that case. But in every way he defies human decency, fight him. In every way he puts lives, born and unborn, in danger, fight. In every way he wants to make the world unsafe, fight. Against his every betrayal of our country, fight. Go to protests. Call your congressperson. Make fun of him on Twitter. Boycott things. Get the word out however you can.

This is your chance to prove that you’re an honest person. You actually support Life, not just this or that Republican candidate. Fight for Life against all its enemies. You have nothing to lose.

Hillary Clinton is no longer a valid excuse.

You can’t use her as a crutch anymore.

It’s time to start fighting for Life.

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