Sic Transit Gloria Scaramucci?

Sic Transit Gloria Scaramucci? July 31, 2017



Sic transit gloira Mundi– or, as we say in America, that was quick.

The Mooch is out.

The New York Times is now reporting that TV’s Donald Trump has fired Anthony Scaramucci from his position as communications director at the White House– firing people, as you recall, being the president’s only real talent. This occurred a scant ten days after Sacramucci’s hiring and four days after his infamous obscenity-laced phone call to the New Yorker.  Amusingly, rumor has it that this firing is not because the White House communications director deliberately called the New Yorker to verbally abuse other White House staff, but because Scaramucci claimed he answered directly to the president instead of going through the chief of staff, retired general John Kelly. In the Trump White House, they may be short on morals, but Heaven help you if you don’t kowtow to the appropriate boss.

For sheer comedy hijinx, this might be my favorite disastrous short stint on a job since Miss Piggy tried to work at the perfume counter with Joan Rivers.

At least Scaramucci will have more time to spend with his family, now.  Or he would, if his second wife hadn’t just filed for divorce.

As far as firings and resignations, then, we’ve got Yates, Flynn, Deare, Walsh, Reid, Comey, McFarland, Duke, Musk, Iger, Shaub, Spicer, Short, Harvey, Priebus, and now the Mooch. Has anyone got a Bingo yet?

I didn’t watch Duck Tales very much growing up, but I sometimes saw it on my grandparents’ cable television. I remember once watching an episode where Huey, Dewy and Louie sat totally helpless in half a barrel, riding over increasingly alarming rapids in a subterranean river. After the barrel finally plummeted down a waterfall into a tranquil pool, the ducks crawled out unhurt. One of them said “I’d like to do that again now that I know you can live through it!”

That’s about how I feel every time I look at the news, this past week or so– Congress missing out on its own recess to try to hurt disabled people one more time but shooting itself in the foot, McCain exacting revenge on the president and inadvertently helping the sick and disabled while doing it, and now the all-too-brief Scaramooch Fandango.  It all feels like broad comedy once you’ve lived through it.

Lord knows there’s only so long this level of incompetence can continue to be harmless, of course. Still, it’s heartening to see evil eat itself.

Farewell, Mooch, we hardly knew ye. And those who did have the pleasure just fired you after ten days on the job, so I don’t think we missed much.

(image via Pixabay) 


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