A Message From The Mother of a Child With Down’s Syndrome

A Message From The Mother of a Child With Down’s Syndrome August 17, 2017
I don’t want to post this, it’s really uncomfortable for me, but my gut and my heart are pulling me to share this. It literally feels like my heart is being ripped from my body.
Do you know why I post so much about Emily? Do you know why I am so passionate about the Down syndrome community? Do you know why Down syndrome awareness means so much to me?

Is it just because I like sharing Emily’s face publicly? Not at all.

Is it just because I want to raise money? Not even close.

It’s because outside of my FB family bubble, people all over this world are constantly debating if people LIKE MY Daughter are worthy of life. Seriously, let that sink in for a minute. Is Emily worthy of life? Knowing what you know, would you kill her? What if this was a constant topic of conversation about YOUR CHILD?? How would you feel? Would you do everything in your power to raise awareness? Do everything you could to let this world know how AMAZING your child is? Do you have any idea how it feels to have to prove to people that Emily (a human being just like you) deserves to live? Receive health care? Receive a quality education like every other child is just automatically granted??
This week there’s been two stories, one from Australia (aired a few nights ago on 60 minutes Australia) and one from Iceland that seriously have disturbed me and rip my heart out. These are the headlines:

“Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion”
“The End of Down syndrome in Australia?”

One hundred per cent of prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are aborted in Iceland. And they aren’t the only countries trending… Think about what you know of Emily. People WANT TO ELIMINATE HER and her friends – literally wipe them off the face of the earth. Did you know Down syndrome is naturally occurring, it occurs at the time of conception? It’s been around for as far back as humans can be traced. Something that the Universe decided should be part of this world. When will we embrace our differences, celebrate our differences and acknowledge everyone’s unique abilities?

What’s after this? Who will be eliminated next?

Please look at her face. I wouldn’t be doing my job as her mother if I didn’t let everyone know how absolutely beautiful and amazing Emily is. Is it ridiculous that I even have to say this? Yes. But based on stories like these, and the comments people leave, I need to be shouting this from the top of the world!

I am the lucky one to have been chosen to be Emily’s mom. Not only is she my beautiful child, but she has brought more joy, truth and love to not only my life, but many of you and countless others that she’s met…. and she’s ONLY 1 YEAR OLD!

Thank you to my loving mom friends in the Down syndrome community for putting into words what I’ve been struggling to even acknowledge and allowing me to share it.

Emily, you amaze us every day….. you are a friend, daughter, sister and a HUMAN BEING that so many are grateful for. You work hard and you play hard….and I would NEVER change you. We will watch you grow and we will support you through good times and not so good times. No matter what….we promise to advocate, support and be by your side…..but ultimately, we want to thank you for all that you have and will teach us.
(Photo of Emily, shared with her mother’s permission) 


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