A Prayer Request, Please

A Prayer Request, Please January 3, 2019


Will everyone please join me in prayer?

Tomorrow I’m going to start one of my disorganized novenas– I just set myself to fast however I’m able and to pray as hard as I can in whatever way I can manage for the next nine days. I’m going to offer it for the uncontacted tribes in Brazil.

You may have seen on the news that Brazil’s newly inaugurated president, Jair Bolsonaro, just got rid of many of the protections for the indegenous tribes in the Amazon. Lord only knows what’s going to happen from here, but many are predicting genocide, not to mention massive environmental damage.

There’s so little we can do, it’s reasonable to feel helpless. But we can denounce genocide to anyone who will listen, we can refuse to excuse or stop talking about it, we can call out everyone that claims genocide is ever an acceptable Christian action, and we can intercede without ceasing. Prayer is never a substitute for other necessary action, but it is one action we can take no matter how helpless we are. Pray in reparation for the historic genocides that murdered millions in the in the Americas claiming Christianity and progress as an excuse; and pray that it somehow won’t be repeated. Through the intercession of Senhora De Aparecida, Saint Peter of Alcantara, Venerable Nick Black Elk, Saint Michael and all the blessed, never again.

Ave-Maria, cheia de graça, o Senhor é convosco, bendita sois vós entre as mulheres a bendito é o fruto do vosso ventre, Jesus. Santa Maria, Mãe de Deus, rogai por nós, pecadores, agora e na hora da nossa morte.  Amém.

São Miguel Arcanjo, protegei-nos no 
combate; cobri-nos com vosso escudo 
contra os embustes e ciladas do demônio. 
Subjugue-o Deus, instantemente o pedimos, 
e vós, Príncipe da Milícia Celeste, 
pelo divino poder, precipitai no inferno 
a Satanás e aos outros espíritos malignos, 
qua andam pelo mundo a perder as almas. 

(image courtesy of José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro, via Wikimedia Commons.)

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