Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat! October 27, 2021

Hey folks,

This isn’t a real blog post, I’ll be on with another of those this afternoon. This is just your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat runs on tips. I get a very small paycheck from Patheos for clicks in the United States and zilch for clicks in most other countries. I get some royalties from my books once a year, and I’ll have fun news about those pretty soon. The rest of what I make to support my family is just tips from satisfied readers. Think of it as a magazine subscription where you pay what you think I’m worth and you get to keep reading even if you can’t afford it. The button on my blog says “donate,” but they’re not charitable donations, they’re just tips like tipping your Uber driver and I pay taxes on them.

I don’t like to do these fundraising posts so close together. Some months living on tips is luxurious and sometimes we barely get by. This has been one of the “barely get by” times. I did not realize until tonight how we’ve been slipping a little further behind on expenses every month. If we don’t pay the light bill, I won’t be able to turn on the computer and write anymore next month. And we desperately need to go shopping, and Rosie desperately needs a trip to Robinson to buy new jeans.

So, as always, I ask, if you like what you read, give me a tip when you can! Just go to the donate page here, click on the bright yellow button, and Paypal will walk you through the rest.

And now back to blog posts worth reading!

image via Pixabay

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