Amazing Conference in March

Amazing Conference in March January 15, 2016

We won’t know if it’s the best ever until after it happens, but Enfolding  Theology is looking at making a run for the title.enfolding_theo_2016

Put on by the Hatchery in Redondo Beach, Enfolding Theology offers a diverse set of theological voices not just talking at each other, but actually engaging in conversation.

And it’s promising to put you, the attendee, into the conversation as well.

What are they going to be talking about? God.

Well, a bit more specifically, the things that are a problem for God–or at least, problems for us as we try to figure out who God is and what God is up to in the world. The conference will address evil, science, religious pluralism, and revelation.

Here’s the next amazing thing about the conference: there is a free weekly videocast in the weeks leading up to it. Still to come on the live video presentations:

  • Walter Brueggemann
  • Amos Young
  • John Cobb
  • Catherine Keller
  • Schubert Ogden
  • Keith Ward

Check out the schedule here.

The final piece of awesome info you need: a Discount Code. When you go to register, enter DANIELKIRK and get yourself 10% off. Hope to see you there!

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