A Dire Need

A Dire Need February 9, 2012

As much as we don’t like to admit it, as much as it is painful to even really consider; the Church is missing something of grave importance.

Just look around you, and you’ll see this dreadful lack all around you.  You see it in the poorly designed places of worship, the bare, white, plaster walls, whatever this is exactly…



The Church is missing artists.We don’t need to look back very far to see that this has not always been the case.  In fact many of the world’s greatest artists belonged to the Church, or were at the very least commissioned by her.


So, if they’re missing now, but they weren’t always; then where did they go?

There are two ways to think about this; either the Christian world isn’t artistic, or the artistic world isn’t Christian.


It’s without a doubt true that being a Christian in the contemporary art world is a severe hindrance.  You will be, quite squarely, the target of ridicule and hatred for even an inch of orthodox, Christian belief.  So much for pluralism and religious tolerance.  The only place our post-modern art world sees fit to put Christ is in a place of mockery.

So, then that’s it?  The art world just ins’t accepting of Christianity?  Right?


Well, yes; but that’s not all.


While it’s true that the popular artistic world has become tragically secularized even to the point of being anti-Christian; we must unfortunately admit that the Christian world, as of late, is not known for being terribly artistic.  It’s sad, but all too true.So what’s wrong with Christian artists?


To be blunt, they want to be theologians.

hey!  that’s my job.


Modern Christian’s in artistic fields often strive too hard to be overtly Christian, to the expense of their art.  This overly enthusiastic attempt to “be Christian” in art doesn’t make Christian art seem any more legitimate, as it just makes the whole body of work seem like a cheesy, cross-clap charged, pop-punk rendition of “Lord I Lift Your Name On High.”  A haphazard approach to art from a Christian perspective as something which is to popularize the faith by attaching it to bland and out-dated fads does no justice to the beauty which resides in the Church.

There are some obvious exceptions to this awful flaw,

but there are also many who are wallowing in it, or hidden beneath it.

So this is a call to all Christian artists, to proudly be Christian, but also to excel in your art.  Don’t diminish or hide your faith, but don’t be afraid of other subjects.  To talk about something other than God is not a sin.
Stand up, be proud of your abilities and your beliefs.  You are what the Church needs now!

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