One Columbia University Professor’s Anti-Semitic Rant Highlights the Need for Outspoken Christian Support of Israel

One Columbia University Professor’s Anti-Semitic Rant Highlights the Need for Outspoken Christian Support of Israel May 11, 2018

If you’re blaming Israel and/or the Jewish people for everything wrong in the world, you’re doing life wrong. Let’s get that much out of the way, off the top.

Also know that I am a friend of Israel, totally – even militantly – supportive of their right to exist.

Think about it: They’re a tiny spot on the map in the Middle East, surrounded by larger nations, all with murderous, anti-Semitic intent, yet, they thrive.

Is that why I support them? Because they’re the underdogs that still manage to dominate, in spite of the odds?

No, I support them because I am a Christian, and I believe every word, every promise made in the Holy Bible about the place of Israel in the world.

The inerrant Word of the Most High God is very clear about Israel and the Jewish people. He had a plan, and any who think they can push against what God has set in place will find themselves laying the groundwork for their own undoing.

Genesis 12:3 is one of my favorite verses, regarding Father God’s care for His chosen people.

The Amplified version of the verse reads:

“And I will bless (do good for, benefit) those who bless you,
And I will curse [that is, subject to My wrath and judgment] the one who curses (despises, dishonors, has contempt for) you.
And in you all the families (nations) of the earth will be blessed.”

With that in mind, let’s talk about the Iranian Studies professor with Columbia University in New York, who mindlessly lashed out at Israel on his Twitter feed this week (actually not an uncommon thing with leftist keepers of academia).

From Campus Reform:

Hamid Dabashi, who also teaches comparative literature, tweeted Monday that Israel is responsible for all the “dirty” things happening in the world, in response to a New York Times article accusing an investigation firm created by former Israel Defense Forces intelligence analysts for gathering “dirt” on Benjamin Rhodes, who was a national security aide to President Barack Obama.

“Every dirty treacherous ugly and pernicious act happening in the world just wait for a few days and the ugly name of ‘Israel’ will pup…,” Dabashi wrote.

Something must have interrupted his train of Jew-hatred thought, but he picked it back up, shortly afterwards:

“These laughing hyaenas —the Zionists the Saudis and the US neocons are f**** with the wrong country—in their stupidity and ignorance they think they are fighting with the Iranian government—they are dead wrong—they are picking up a fight…,” said Dabashi in a tweet.

He’s a nasty guy.

He wrote a similar post to his Facebook page back in February, blaming Israel for all the troubles in the world.

His latest social media breakdown can likely be attributed to President Trump backing out of the Iranian nuclear agreement set in place by former President Barack Obama.

And for those on the left who are clutching your pearls over the move, understand that many of us are flummoxed at the notion that Obama would want to empower a murderous, hateful Iranian regime, and would do so without the express approval of Congress, as the U.S. Constitution requires.

Rather than make the Iranian nuclear deal a treaty – something the public was against, and he knew he’d never get through Congress – he cut corners to make the deal happen. He sent over $100 billion to a terrorist regime, who hate us, and hate our staunchest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Some of that money was funneled straight to jihadists in Syria, so forgive those of us who are not upset that Trump did something correct and walked us away from that nightmarish deal. If you’re upset, be upset at Barack Obama for building that particular house on shifting sand. It was an illegitimate deal, at its very conception.

His arrogance overtook his ability to properly read his authority on this one.

But back to Professor Dabashi. His emotional breakdown over social media warrants attention.

StandWithUs is a campus support organization for Israel. Rena Nasar is the Tri-State Campus director, and she offered this, in regards to Dabashi’s hateful rhetoric:

“Blaming the Jewish state for every problem in the world is virulent anti-Semitism, echoing rhetoric that has led to oppression and violence against Jews for centuries,” said Nasar. “Unfortunately, this is unsurprising coming from a professor with a long history of racism against Jews and Israelis. Columbia University should unequivocally condemn this hate coming from one of its faculty members.”

They should, but sadly, today’s college campuses have a poor track record for defending every representative group with equal veracity. There’s no indication that Columbia University are looking into this poison they’ve allowed to be loosed on students at their school.

This hatefulness against Israel and the Jewish people is alarming, but for Christians, a study of their Bibles, especially in books like Joel, Isaiah, and Revelations, it’s not a sudden shock. We knew it was coming. We knew there would be dark days ahead, but we also know Who watches over Israel. He neither sleeps nor slumbers (Psalm 121:4).

There’s a reason Israel is one of the most polemic issues across the globe, more hotly contested, and for a longer period, than anything else that commands today’s headlines.

Yes, the return of the scattered Jewish people to their homeland, the rebuilding of the Jewish state, after nearly 2,000 years was controversial, but it was also Biblical.

Ezekiel 20:34 CSB – “I will bring you from the peoples and gather you from the countries where you were scattered, with a strong hand, an outstretched arm, and outpoured wrath.”

The state of Israel was established on May 14, 1948. In 1950, Israel’s Knesset passed the Law of Return, which stated: “Every Jew has the right to immigrate to this country…”

And it is happening. Jewish peoples are gathering from the lands where they were scattered – across Europe, Russia, Ethiopia, even the United States – and they’re returning to Israel.

For the Christian believer, it’s as exciting to watch unfold as it is troubling, given the hate that is so often lobbed against the tiny nation from extremists in the academic community, as well as that den of vipers with the United Nations.

Here’s one thing I’ve experienced that’s curious, and it’s not really a secret, apparently, because others inevitably point it out: The common Jewish citizen tends to be a bit “dismissive” or maybe perplexed at Christian support of Israel and the Jewish people.

That’s ok. For Christians, we know what we’ve been given, because of the sacrifice of a Jewish carpenter. We know that our salvation comes from the hills of Zion, and we are a grateful people.

Show me a Christian who rejects the call to support Israel, and I’ll show you someone who needs more time at the altar, and in the Word of God.

We have a Biblical call to stand on the side of Israel.

Psalm 122:6 NIV – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

“May those who love you be secure.”

This is all any Christian should need to justify their pro-Israel views. It’s certainly all we need to be absolutely disgusted by professors and others who spew the kind of ungodly hate expressed by Professor Dabashi.





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  • ChaosKitty

    once again religion is used as an excuse to allow and help create a group to illegally take over an area inhabited by someone else then continue aggressions and genocide. To fight that isn’t racist or putting down a religion it is the right thing to do. If you don’t think their aggressions against the original inhabitants of the area haven’t helped destabilize it and the surrounding area you are deluded and when fact is shown immediately people try to fall back on religious rhetoric which is nothing Jesus taught. There’s a reason he cleared the temples and used the Samaritans in his actions and parables and it was because no one was above the law or justice or better than anyone else by race or religion or position within a group

  • Charles

    I am in full agreement with everything you said in your article Susan, it was very well said and is the exact truth for Bible believing Christians. Many people seem to forget to read the Old Testament and read were the Lord God promised to Abraham the large land mass and area that God gave to the His Chosen people. A lot of that promised land to His Chosen people (Israel) is in the hands of occupiers who believe they have a right to that land. So many label Israel as occupiers, but the reverse is the truth, they (Israel) have every God given right to all the land he promised the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I believe one day soon, they (Israel) will take possession of all the land they were promised.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Your reply is ambiguous since it applies at least as much to the Israei Arab population, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. However your tone is anti-Israel and appears to be trying to defend the terrorist actions of Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel – the lawful inhabitants of that region.

    Your reply is ambiguous since GAZA and the “palistinians” are making up lies to justify their attempts to illegally take over the land that was lawfully granted to Israel in 1948 by the allies who had legally won that land by right of conquest – the only right that the “palistinians” are trying to use to take over Israel now – the only right they have have to claim that parts of Jerusalem belongs to them.

    Since they are losing their terrorist attempts to drive out the Israelis the “palistinians” (actually Jordanian and Syrian exiles and terrorists) have absolutely NO legal claim the lands of Israel.

    But as I read your response, it appears you were trying to cast Israel as the “bad guys”. Israel does not launch rockets into Gaza with first strike or terrorist intent or frequency. Any action by Israel against Gaza is targeted at weapons stockpiles or militant command-and-control facilities.

    As to “their aggressions against the original inhabitants of the area”, you can only be referring to the attacks from Gaza against the original Israeli citizens of that area (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, etc).

    In short, your argument contradicts itself when part of the time you are talking about Islam being used as an excuse to try to take over the lands of Israel using terrorist tactics, but then you switch to a set of non-Biblical nonsensical assumptions about what Jesus would do and and non-sequitor about why he cleared the temples of those that would commercialize religion and care nothing for the souls of those they were supposed to be caring for.

    Your lack of Biblical knowledge is appalling and your inability to clearly express your thoughts indicates that your thoughts are as mixed up and misguided as your writing.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Agreed. Please let me add that Israel is in LEGAL possession of that land.

    The land of Israel was ceded to them by the Allies after WW2 – countries who had won that land through right of conquest – the only way land disputes ever have been settled between countries.

    Since then, Israel has increased their land – not by aggressive conquest which is universally accepted as an act of war by the international community, but by conquest DURING a war in which they were attacked.

    Ironically, Islam builds their Mosques on conquered land as their way of claiming any land they can conquer as their own. There is no supportable or defensible logic to claim that when Islam claims land through conquest that they should not also lose title to land through defeat.

    Thus by the rules that Islam lives by, any lands that Israel “won” when they were attacked by the Arabs in 1967 are lands that under Sharia Law would be considered “tribute” owed to Israel by right of conquest.

  • GotMyLoveGlassesOn

    Israel belongs to the Jewish people.
    They’ve been very generous, in the name of peace.
    Too bad they’re surrounded by those who have no interest in peace.

  • Shirley Blake

    Supporting Israel is not evidence of any love for the Jewish people. Israel as a political body is an apartheid state and should not be supported by individuals who embody the love of Christ or the biblical principles of Gods grace. As a Christian I believe that no political body should be held up as divine providence. Christians are called to support one kingdom and that is the kingdom of Christ. Not a flawed worldly nation. But all gods children of this earth.

  • Shirley Blake

    Well stated

  • Kyllein MacKellerann “

    Interesting twist of words. First, the land originally won by the Hebrews historically was won by conquest and genocide; a fact which they freely admit. Secondly, the Allies had no lawful right to claim or dispose of that land, since the current occupants at the time were not involved in the war. The “Palestinians” living on that land actually aided the Allies, who then gave away the “title” to land they did not really possess. Finally, the people occupying that land properly attempted to repulse the invading forces (Foundation war, Six Day war. Gaza war…) The Israeli’s are invaders, period. The Palestinians are properly resisting that invasion. The Allies had no lawful right to claim that land since they did not occupy it after the cessation of hostilities (legal requirement). Under Patriot’s logic, Illinois could be invaded by Canada and “given'” to Mexico by right of conquest, and should that happen one is certain that Mr. Patriot would be on the lines fighting to take back “his” state from the invaders.
    Error of thought: 1st level – insertion of inappropriate data to make a point. Error of thought: 2nd level – Ignorance of history. Error of thought, 2nd level – Presenting as a fact a thing not proven to be true. Error of thought: 1st level – forcing development of argument rather than allowing it to develop on its own.
    Tentative conclusion: Twisted logic intended to support a predetermined idea without consideration of antithetical ideas to that idea.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Your use of SJW and Arab terrorist/Hamas talking points shows that you are the one with no knowledge of history.

    Piont 1: You can go back in history as far as you want to find that “right of conquest” is the ONLY method used to decide boundaries in international disputes and is the ONLY method ever used. Land “belongs” to a nation only as long as hat nation can militarily defend that land.

    Point 2: There is no such thing as a “Palestinian” people or nation. The term “Palestinian” was made up by SJWs in an attempt to lend legitimacy to the exiles and outcasts from Jordan and Syria that opposed the creation of the state of Israel and wanted their land. Jews have lived on and defended that land for literally thousands of years. “Palestinians” have never existed as a distinct people until the 1970s or so when they were invented as a catch-all group to define those Arabs that no other country would accept that opposed the formation of the State of Israel. “Palestinians” have no unique cultural heritage, no history as a people, no common culture, have never been recognized by the entirety of the International Community as a separate nation and exist for the sole purpose of trying to commit genocide against the Jews and finish what Hitler’s Holocaust started.

    The fact that they have not done so speaks volumes about the abilities and determination of the Nation of Israel (common, distinct culture, International recognition, common history, common language, etc).

    You can whine all you want about “twisting words” but before the Arab invaders you refer to as “Palestinians” lived there, Jews had conquered the land from the previous dwellers over 2000 years ago. Does that make the Jews wrong ? If so, the previous dwellers are also wrong and we should return the lands of countries all over the world to the original boundaries set by the first cave dwellers that “found” the land. That is the ONLY way your argument against “right of conquest” can end. Unfortunately for you, we don’t know what those original boundaries were (having been lost in history), nor would Russia, China, Iran and Syria consent to being reduced to city-states in stead of the nation they have now with the land and mineral rights (oil) they now control.

    In short, your “feel-good” post ignores history while claiming that I’m ignorant of history – hypocrisy points for you.

    Your “feel-good” post states that “Palestinians” aided the allies in WW2 yet it is documented fact that Arab states in general aided Hitler in his attempts to wipe out the Jewish people from the face of the face of the Earth. Aiding Hiller’s genocide against the Jews was one reason why the Arabs (there was no such country as “Palestine”during WW2) lost the lands that became the state of Israel after the Allies had defeated Hitler and Hitler’s allies in the ME. You forget that by moving into and trying to claim the traditional homelands of Israel and in the process beheading all Jews they found out of religious intolerance, the exiles, terrorists and wandering nomads from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon – those you refer to as “Palestinians” were actually the invaders that the Jews fled from in the first place. Your talking point about Jews being the invaders is therefore illegitimate and hypocritical – more hypocrisy points for you.

    Perhaps that’s one reason why the Jewish state of Israel was re-instated in it’s original homeland after said land was retaken from the Arabs that had invaded it (here’s the “right of conquest” thing again) during the years prior to the Crusades when the Muslim Caliphs were trying to militarily take over the known world of the time. Had not the Catholic Church mobilized their people to fight the Muslim invaders, (and they WERE ivaders) in the ME, the Caliphs would not have stopped until they had conquered the known world and the US would never have been discovered by a civilized (at the time) Europe, but we would be living in a 7th-century hut herding goats for Allah today – yet more hypocrisy points for you for failure to know the history of the creation of Israel and of WW2.

    As an SJW, we don’t expect you to know what you are talking about – your mind has been twisted with Iranian propaganda and unreasoning hatred of Jews that prevents you from having any ability to recognize or accept the reality that in the world of international relations, there is no “police force” or “court system” you can take your grievances to – only a nation with a bigger club and the ability to take what they want from whatever country you don’t like.

    The fact that Israel desires peace with its neighbors and – like all parents have to do with 2-year-olds at times – Israel only “fights back” when its neighbors exhibit such bad behavior that corrective and deterrent actions have to be applied – but only immediately after the ‘child’ (Hamas / Iran / Syria / etc) have struck out in blind rage and anger so the lesson taught is that for children to attempt to physically assault adults will only end badly for the children. For the same reason that and out-of -control child may get multiple whacks with a paddle during a spanking for a single attempted punch at an adult, Much of Israel’s response to the Iranian rocket attack and the recent Iranian-backed terrorist attacks in Israel is intended as deterrent with the understanding that Israel can do much, much worse should Iran attempt to step up the aggression.

    Israel’s restraint is both noteworthy and praiseworthy. It stands in stark contrast to your hypocrisy and general ignorance of ME events and history.

    You must be college-educated – perhaps an ivy-league, liberal-arts college ? Perhaps you got your degree from Trump U ? Only liberal-arts majors can be so woefully ignorant of human nature and world history while so confident of their SJW, anti-semitic opinions that are just wrong.

  • adriancrutch

    …Susan…your views are stupidity squared…just as Dubya Bush’s mentioning “crusade”…when it all boils down to the fact that basically everyone wanted the Jews out of their hair after WW2…we then murdered a democratically elected president in Iran in 1953…because he was nationalizing a U.S. built oil empire…we call Iran the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism…when in fact it’s Saudi Arabia who bankrolled the 9/11 attacks…but that’s old news…maybe you should read Noam Chomsky’s Failed States…but you sound as willing to admit the truth as much as Betsy DeVos has a real interest in “real” education…so I leave you with the words of the Onionhead…a parts inspector I worked with in the 90’s…”Once your stupid…I’ts Forever”…good luck with “thinking”…