The Cult of Personality, Part II (My Apologies in Advance)

The Cult of Personality, Part II (My Apologies in Advance) May 15, 2018

I recently brought up the cult of personality and how it has overtaken rational thought in the United States.

In 2008, we saw the “Obama zombies,” singing anthems to Barack Obama, as if the planet would actually be healed and the oceans would actually recede.

Yeah. None of that happened.

I mean, the “first black president” – a pinnacle achievement in race relations in this nation – still, somehow, managed to push race relations back 50 years, but no. No healed planets or receded oceans.

Imagine that. It’s like the hype has no bearing on actual results, and identity politics are what you turn to when you have no other accomplishments outside of voting “present” as a junior senator.

There’s nothing more obnoxious than to have a legitimate policy disagreement blocked by somebody throwing the race card in your face.

Lazy. Real lazy.

And let’s be frank. Had Hillary Clinton won in 2016, that card would have been replaced with the “sexism” card. We’ve already heard that she lost because of sexism, and not because she was the worst possible candidate Democrats could have offered up.

If you want to know how horrendous she really was: She lost to Donald Trump.

I know how saying these things from my perch on the right is taken as an irritant.

Mirrors are funny that way.

This last election was supposed to be the great awakening. It was our opportunity to get out from under Obama’s Marxist machinations and bring back free market conservatism, smaller federal involvement in our lives, and so very importantly, return to some level of sane, cult-free government.

It was a nice thought.

What the world saw was a nation so thoroughly corrupted on both sides of the aisle that the apparent thought process of the Republican voters was to prop up their own idol. It worked for 8 years for the Democrats, putting flash over substance. Now the shoe was on the other foot.

Republicans took it too far.

I get being upset with all that Obama wrought on our nation and our public discourse. I don’t get trying to double down on it with someone like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is just an awful person.

If he were at least a good man, I could overlook his incompetence and would be willing to give him a chance.

He’s not. He’s vile and abusive and brings out the absolute worst in people.

He is repugnant to my faith, as a Christian, and to my principles as a conservative voter.

That being said, anyone who ever pointed out the mind-numbed insanity of the 2008 Obama zombies, but sees nothing out of the ordinary going on with Trump’s cult-like following are hypocrites.

I’ve actually gone over this so many times before. It is endlessly disappointing to see a Republican party fall under this man’s spell and evangelical voters risk their witness to the world, in favor of temporary political gains.

In the interest of fairness, since I railed against what I saw during the Obama years – everything from the borderline child-abuse kiddie choruses forced to sing praises to Obama’s name to Obama cologne, that smelled like a mix of feet, industrial bathroom cleaner, and hubris – I have to point out just how much in common Trump’s Republican party has with the Obama years.

First of all, those plain, red, $5 MAGA ball caps that you can get for $40 on Trump’s campaign site. The good news is, they’re in white now, too, so if you’ve got more money that commonsense, you’re in luck.

Have you got your Trumpy Bear, yet?

There’s a fiber-filled, plush nightmare, straight from some marketer’s fever dream.

And then, to prove that in a cult, there’s no such low as too low, we have this.

And I’m sorry.

I would like to tell you this is parody, meant to [rightly] mock those who allow themselves to become wrapped up in a personality over sound policy. I’d like to tell you we were beyond that.

I can’t. Somebody really thought this was clever and patriotic. For somebody, this is a sacrifice at the altar of MAGA.

And If you managed to make it through the first 20 seconds without the urge to put your head through a wall, I congratulate you on your nerves of steel.

Oh, sweet meteor of death, why do you tarry?





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  • Jessie Collingsworth Yao

    Great read Susan…..’till I got to the dumb blonde video. Your’e right …I shouldn’t have clicked that arrow . LOL , now I think I’ll go throw up.

  • GotMyLoveGlassesOn

    I knew when I did it, it was cruel and unusual punishment. I’m so sorry. I’m horrible.

  • johnnythefrost

    Sadly, the comparisons with the Left are many…
    The high-brow, moral authoritarians of the conservative elite, keepers of faith and principle, looking down, with certainty, upon the low-sloped foreheads of the flyover rubes who had the gall to do what the conservative absolutists could not find the will to do. Namely, engage the dialectic and win. This – providing opportunity to synthesize good from the pool of evil lorded over from ivory towers high atop – unimpeded – by the Ideal they profess to serve. Politically castrated by a proud mindset that reletivates principled loss into moral victory, dooms the notion of conserving anything other than Conservatism, itself, into our stagnant position of, at best, second runner-up behind the foul Clinton and possibly even the old-school socialist, hungover from the last century, robbed of his fairness of opportunity by that you could not manage, somehow, to vote against… choosing instead to stand, and observe, polished and preserved on meaningless, yet principled, ground that so far offers only voids for progression: NeverPence, NeverGorsuch, and now, NeverCruz.
    Forward > Cliff

    I applaud the effort and the hypocrisy and expect nothing less from our future.

  • johnnythefrost

    Never is an absolute that falls outside the jurisdiction of man. The adage, or principle, “Never Say Never” is set aside and voided thus creating space for something to progress into its place. A new principle, counter to the ethic of conservatism – Isolate the Target and Marginalize with Ridicule – has obviously been employed. We’ve snowballed beyond conservatism long ago and now seek to silence conservative voices through NeverCruz in the name of something alien and untrue.

  • Tbone

    Just some young folks having some fun. Nothing cult about it. The only cult associated with the Trump Presidency are the NeverTrumpers.

  • Jessie Collingsworth Yao

    Could repeat that in two sentences?

  • johnnythefrost

    Yes, it’s simple. Learn to recognize Leftist design because, in ignorance, you never know where it will turn up.