Actor Peter Fonda May Have Bought Himself a LOT of Trouble (GOOD)

Actor Peter Fonda May Have Bought Himself a LOT of Trouble (GOOD) June 20, 2018

There’s no excuse for this level of hyperbole, especially if your goal is to paint yourself as the “good guy” in any given debate.

We already know there’s a severe level of twisted hackery in Hollywood. Something about the very air about the place is corrupted. Veteran actor, Peter Fonda, went on an insane rant over the nightmare on our southern border, and tweeted out his emotional break for the world to see.

 The Easy Rider actor sent his tweet seemingly out of anger over children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border as part of the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy.


The facts are, Mrs. Trump did speak out against the policy that was separating families at the border.

She and the “club” of living First Ladies have all spoken out, so it would seem Fonda’s rant was unwarranted.

But even if you agree with Fonda’s emotions on this, the idea that he would suggest the kind of harm against an innocent kid that he did in the above tirade is beyond the pale. There’s no excuse for it.

He deleted the tweet, after a bit, but he may have moved a bit too late.

The reports are now that Melania Trump saw the offensive tweet and has reported it to the Secret Service.

It is unclear if an investigation has been opened as the Secret Service does not comment on “protective intelligence.” However, it is common knowledge the agency investigates perceived threats made to the president and first family.


I realize Fonda is elderly, and I tend to be a bit squeamish about the idea of older people going to jail.

That being said, his erratic, hateful tweet was beyond disgusting, no matter what your position on the border situation is.

I’ve more than made it clear that I don’t approve of the border situation, nor do I approve of this administration. You’re not going to catch me celebrating this.

This is my “Leave Barron alone!” moment. He’s a kid, and his parentage doesn’t make him less worthy of respect or care.

Fonda’s rager continued.

Fonda also encouraged people to protest in order to stop Trump and his policies.

“Wanna stop this f***ing monster? Really wanna stop this giant a**hole? 90 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE STREETS ON THE SAME WEEKEND! THESE REPUBLICAN A**HOLES ARE ALL IN ON IT! THE CHIEF A**HOLE IS HAPPY WE ARE ALL VERY UPSET. WE HAVE TO GET EVEN MORE ANGRY WITH THESE REPUBLICANS,” Fonda tweeted. “It’s more than a protest! 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend works. I can’t be the organizer for they’ll arrest me for conspiracy to commit sedition. This must be like a spontaneous event without seeming to be organized by me and we have to make this happen NOW,” he added.

He wasn’t done. He likewise called for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to be stripped naked and whipped publicly. He called for the doxing and harassment of children of Border Patrol agents. He called for White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ kids to be kidnapped.

He went overboard.

WAY overboard.

He has since deleted those tweets, but they’ve been captured and saved for posterity.

And if he finds himself the subject of that Secret Service investigation, he deserves it.


Fonda has issued an apology.



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  • IllinoisPatriot

    Temperance and tolerance seem to be foreign concepts to those not steeped in Christ’s teachings. That includes most of Hollywood, most of New York, and both the DNC and GOP leadership. It most certainly includes Trump, his family and his cult as well.

    We should not allow our “compassion” to drown out our reasoning as the Democrats and those such as Peter Fonda would have us do and engage in over-reaction to this situation.

    Children are robust. Adults need to take charge (and are likely already doing what they can do within the bounds of their job descriptions). It hurts far more people, far more deeply if these people are allowed to continue streaming into this country without being challenged – indeed – giving Democrats their way would make a mockery of border control once again and making this controversy mean nothing.

    The “trauma” experienced by these kids is no worse than that experienced by millions of kids that are living with abusive, addicted parents, by kids living in SSM households that are sexually abused by various lovers, by kids that see their parents sent to jail, by kids living on the streets, by kids seeing loved ones killed by street violence, etc. The only difference is that it being broadcast in an emotional campaign intended to cause outrage and blasted on TV 24/7.

    Can we ease the trauma ? Maybe. We still don’t know what the reasons or conditions for separation actually are or how long the separation lasts.

    Can we trust the media not to blow this out of proportion ? No. Can we trust Trump to tell us the truth about what he ordered ? No. Can we trust the Democrat lawmakers to act with moderation and reason when their sacred cow of open borders is involved ? No. Can we trust GOP lawmakers to take a moderate, reasoned approach to investigating and resolving the problem ? No – not since the GOP became the party of Trump. Do we help anything by at all by going spastic over “the border situation” and expressing more outrage ? No – not without the facts or some plan or goal in mind to work toward.

    What good does it do for people that have no good information (no verifiable facts, incomplete understanding of what’s going on on the ground, nothing but biased reports intended to be emotionally disruptive while providing little to no actual facts, statistics, or history to go ballistic about kids that face no more trauma than the unreported US citizen children in every large city in America face every day ? The harm it does is easy enough to see: more cultural divisions and more hatred and distrust toward our neighbors and toward our government. It’s the building of distrust and hatred toward our government institutions that bothers me more than the plight of the children – children that could have been spared this “trauma” had their parents not attempted to illegally enter our country in the first place.

  • kenofken

    You’re fools if you think a government capable of doing this to foreigners won’t use such methods on you and your kids in a heartbeat.

  • I. H. Hagar

    Where was the “good Xtian” outrage when Ted Nugent said similar things about the Obamas. Temperance and tolerance seem to be foreign concepts to those steeped in Christ’s teachings. Hypocrites !!!