The “Trump of Pahrump” Shows How Trumpism Has Infected Evangelical Mores in the U.S.

The “Trump of Pahrump” Shows How Trumpism Has Infected Evangelical Mores in the U.S. June 23, 2018

And this is extreme Trumpism, the absolute ugly, raw, unvarnished truth of how allegiance with Trump for Evangelical voters is enmity with God.

Dennis Hof is running for a state Assembly seat in Nevada, and because he’s running as a Republican, calling himself a Trump supporter, Nevada’s Christians are supporting him.

So who is Dennis Hof?

He’s a pimp. Literally.

He runs multiple brothels in Nevada, as well as strip clubs.

“This really is the Trump movement,” Hof, 71, told Reuters in an interview at Moonlite BunnyRanch, his brothel near Carson City in northern Nevada that was featured on the HBO reality television series “Cathouse.”

“People will set aside for a moment their moral beliefs, their religious beliefs, to get somebody that is honest in office,” he said. “Trump is the trailblazer, he is the Christopher Columbus of honest politics.”

You’re being called out, Evangelicals. This dealer in perversion and sexual immorality just happily told the world that whatever your moral or religious beliefs, they don’t outweigh your political beliefs.

Just let that one simmer, for a bit.

The Reuters story goes on to quote a Pastor Victor Fuentes, who says he closed his eyes and prayed, when the news broke that Hof had won the nomination for the Assembly seat.

He did not ask God to deliver Nevada and the Republican Party from Hof, the thrice-divorced author of “The Art of the Pimp” who campaigned as the “Trump of Pahrump.” Although Christian groups have long rallied against the state’s legal brothel industry, Fuentes was willing to overlook Hof’s history as a champion of the flesh trade and gave thanks for his victory.

“People want to know how an evangelical can support a self-proclaimed pimp,” Fuentes said in an interview at his home in Pahrump, an unincorporated town of 36,000 people that is the largest community in the sprawling, rural district where Hof is favored to win in November’s general election.

He’s not just a “self-proclaimed” pimp. He sells the flesh of women for sexually immoral purposes, against what is the will of God for His creation.

He makes his money by dealing in sexual perversion and ungodliness.

He said the reason was simple. “We have politicians, they might speak good words, not sleep with prostitutes, be a good neighbor. But by their decisions, they have evil in their heart. Dennis Hof is not like that.”

He perverts the will of God for His creation. He doesn’t just have evil in his heart. He has it in his deeds.

Fuentes went on to say he felt Hof would protect religious rights.

Other Evangelicals who support Hof say they feel his money, gained from prostitution and strip clubs, makes him more honest and less beholden to “special interests,” just like Donald Trump.

At this point, I’ve rolled my eyes so much they’re touching my spine.

“I’m kind of rich, I’m kind of famous, and I’m surrounded by hot chicks. I don’t give a d*mn what anybody says about me,” Hof said.

So he really does think and act like Donald Trump.

Speaking of just like Donald Trump, several woman have accused Hof of sexual abuse and misconduct.

One sex worker claims he raped and choked her several years ago, but for “Trump Christians,” no matter what, the woman is always wrong.

These same “Trump Christians,” we find, will condemn a woman for being a sex worker, stripper, or porn star, in the same breath they’re celebrating the men that use them.

It really is tough keeping up with the shifting standards of Trump’s Evangelical base.

Hof was reluctant to discuss his own Christian faith.

“I don’t share my beliefs with the public,” he said. “I don’t feel the need to go to church on a regular basis.”

One more thing he has in common with Donald Trump.

Trump has not endorsed or spoken about Hof’s nomination, neither have several key Republicans in the state, such as Governor Brian Sandoval and Senator Dean Heller. Only the chairman of the state party has welcomed Hof, as a “fiscal conservative.”

Interestingly enough, the same people supporting Hof have also sought to shut down his brothels. What do they think is going to happen to those efforts if they succeed in getting him elected?

I don’t understand how you get to that level of cognitive dysfunction and still remain upright.

It’s because they’ve chosen politics over their faith, and it’s the most disturbing part of this age of Trumpism.

This is only one state, but it’s the most sure and blatant example of politicized Christianity in this nation.

God have mercy on the souls of feckless American Christians.

Revelation 21:8 NIV – “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”


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  • JASmius

    “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” [Matthew 24:24] I’ve always wondered what that would look like when it actually happened. Now we know.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that what is meant when the media, pundits, Trump, or anyone else refers to “Evangelicals”, that they do not mean Christians or any faith-based person or anyone that lives by faith-based principles.

    In all cases that I can remember, “Evangelical” is associated with the idea of “evangelist” with the assumption that the likes of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, Rev Al Sharpton, and all other “Profit Preachers” are the representative of Christian people and principles nationwide. The apparent assumption by those too woefully ignorant of the Bible to understand the distinction is that the TV-based “virtual fake churches” with their multi-million dollar campuses that cater to the egos and lifestyles of their “pastors” represent real, practicing Christians leading principled lives.

    The term “Evangelical” to me now means the fake preachers as well as the fake “Christian” like Nancy Pelosi (a fake Catholic), DJ Trump (a fake “Christian”), and apparently like the guy featured in this article as well. All those fake Christians that have gathered around to support, praise and worship Trump after receiving Trump’s “donations” during the campaign perfectly fit the profile of TV personalities that put fame and money ahead of Christ or saving souls – and for all the reasons you bring up in this article and many you did not bring up.

    If this Trump-alike and support / defense of Trump’s character, actions and personality are what is referred to as “evangelical”, then count me out as I choose to continue to follow Christ and doing so precludes my following (much less defending) people like Trump – no matter WHAT reason is given why I should follow / defend sleaze-balls like Trump and this Trump-alike.