Russian Diplomat Wants Woman Accused of Acting as Foreign Agent in the US Released

Russian Diplomat Wants Woman Accused of Acting as Foreign Agent in the US Released July 21, 2018

This is what happens when your president is a willing Russian agent, and goes before the world and snivels at the feet of murderous dictators and our geopolitical foes.

Those foes feel emboldened to make demands of your nation.

Because of President Trump’s spineless cowardice in Helsinki last Monday, Russia’s foreign minister is snapping at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and telling him to release a woman recently arrested in the United States on charges of being a foreign agent.

According to Reuters:

Sergei Lavrov made the comments about Maria Butina in a phone call to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that was aimed at improving bilateral relations, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement in the wake of the recent summit in Helsinki.

Butina has been cooling her heels in a U.S. jail since Wednesday, after a U.S. judge and U.S. prosecutors determined that her ties to Russian intelligence could make her a flight risk.

Butina has been accused of working with a high-powered Russian official and two unidentified U.S. citizens, trying to infiltrate a pro-gun rights organization in the United States and influence the United States’ foreign policy toward Russia.

That would be the NRA.

Lavrov said the actions of the American authorities, who arrested Butina “on the basis of fabricated charges”, were unacceptable and called for her release as soon as possible.

In other words, President Trump has already handed our nation to Vladimir Putin, so they feel like they can slap us around.

Lavrov and Pompeo also discussed ways to improve bilateral relations on “equal and mutually beneficial grounds” after the leaders of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, met in Helsinki on Monday.

Yes. That’s nice, but this is Russia. I’ve said it so many times, and even now, I know the very notion will be scoffed at by Trump loyalists, but Russia is not our friend. If we’re being honest and we watched Trump’s weakness while at Putin’s side, we have to expect that it’s just going to be a long series of demands and bullying tactics from here on out.

Trump has neither the stomach, nor the permission to push back, even if it’s just for show.

The deeper issue is just how willing those around Trump are to faithfully execute the duties of their office.

Can Pompeo tell Lavrov to kick rocks, or is he in on it?

Butina, U.S. prosecutors allege, was funded by Russian oligarch, Alexander Torshin. She came to Washington, D.C. on a student visa, hooked up with an older man, Republican political operative, Paul Erickson, and attempted to infiltrate the NRA, as well as influence U.S. politics in a plan that spanned several years.

It’s a complicated tale, but one worth watching, when you consider our new position in the world as Russia’s footstool.


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  • JASmius

    It’s only been five days, and already Helsinki is looking like a watershed turning point for this administration and our country. Either a rapid, permanent decline of American prestige and global influence (coming on the heels of Trump’s trashing of our NATO allies, and how horrified must they have been to witness that travesty last Monday?), or an accelerated emboldening of Russian ambitions leading to a direct military confrontation at any of several possible flash-points. Trump’s foreign policy doctrine is “destabilization”; I fear we’re going to get the full look at its results, first hand and up-close.