Sarah Huckabee Sanders Further Promotes Attacks on Russia Probe

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Further Promotes Attacks on Russia Probe July 23, 2018

Yeah, Goebbels, Baghdad Bob, North Korea’s screeching “Pink Lady”  – all liars in service to their respective regimes.

Somebody has to be the face to step forwards and promote the administration’s “This is fine” line, even as the house burns down around them.

For the United States during this present time, it’s all about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ cockeyed take on “truth” in the age of Trump.

We get it. Her daddy, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, pulled a lot of strings and licked Trump’s boots to a high shine to get his awkward girl such a high level spot. Now she has to make good and toe the company line.

It’s all part of the job.

At some point, however, does conscience ever become a thing, where she just can’t fight it, anymore? Does she ever wake in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, tortured by the blatant lies and even treasonous untruths she’s forced to cram down the throats of the public, day after day?

With rumors of her departure floating about, I’d like to think, as a mother, that she has pangs of guilt of her children seeing her at work and taking that example to heart.

On Monday, she appeared on American Pravda (That’s “Fox and Friends” to those who still think there isn’t a propaganda arm for the Trump administration), to give the new administration line an extra push.

Let’s keep in mind that President Trump caught bipartisan grief over his surrender to Russia’s Vladimir Putin on the world stage in Helsinki on the 16th, when he sided with Russia over the United States’ intelligence community.

After an emergency meeting with Congress the following Tuesday, Trump issued his version of a “walk back,” by attempting to say he misspoke, and meant to say he agreed with our intelligence about Russia interfering in the 2016 election.

He then stupidly added that it could be “other people.”

It wasn’t.

Since that time, Trump has eased back into the Putin-approved lane, calling the investigation into Russian election meddling a “hoax,” outright.

And Sanders is there with the assist.

Speaking on Fox:

“We’d all be a lot better off if we could get this out of the way, and that Congress and the special counsel could come to the same conclusion that the rest of America has: that this is a hoax and a waste of time,” Sanders said of the investigation into Russian election interference and possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Except the rest of America has not come to that conclusion. In fact, a recent Fox News poll suggested that the majority of Americans want special counsel Robert Mueller to take his time and get this investigation right. There’s an actual concern about hostile foreign nations interfering in our elections.

A desperate Trump and his lackeys are the only ones that apparently fail to see what’s wrong with allowing Russia to go unchecked, in this situation.

I’m kidding. They know it’s wrong. They just don’t care because they see a benefit for themselves in it.

It seems that Trump’s mania has been turned up several notches in the past couple of days, possibly because of the heavily redacted FBI FISA application against former Trump campaign aide, Carter Page.

Even though large portions were redacted for security purposes, the release of the warrant is revealing in several key areas.

For one, it blows Trump loyalist, Representative Devin Nunes’ memo to bits.

In his memo on what he claims was revealed by the warrant application, Nunes told the public that key facts were omitted from the warrant, such as the partisan origins of the Steele dossier that eventually led to the warrant.

That’s absolutely false. The application specifically notes the partisan origins of the Steele dossier, at least as far as the campaign was concerned.

If it leaves out anything, it leaves out the information regarding the Washington Free Beacon being the original commissioner of the dossier. When the conservative outlet gave up their efforts to uncover information on Trump, the Clinton campaign picked it up.

Still, Nunes, Trump, and the reality-impaired members of Trump’s Temple claim justification for attacking the FBI and the process by which the FISA warrant was obtained.

We’ve rarely seen such a concerted effort to deny and deflect. We’ve certainly never seen a time when members of the political right waged open warfare against our nation’s legal community.

But then, we’ve never had a Russian asset in the White House, either.



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  • IllinoisPatriot

    Never before have we seen such a nation-wide organized program of threats and intimidation to win an election as we saw with Trump in 2016. Never before have AMERICANS threatened the lives of their own party leadership (state level) and their own delegates if they don’t vote for the “approved candidate”. Such tactics have heretofore been employed only by Russia and other despotic dictators. Never before have such prominent Russian personnel attended a GOP convention – was it (perhaps) to oversee the death-threats and strong-arming that took place or just because they had advance knowledge of who the nominee would be and wanted their faces to be seen with Trump at the convention ?

    The more I reflect on the events of 2016, the more I become convinced that Trump IS a Russian asset in the WH and all those supposedly “smart” people in DC are actually either morons or willingly complicit with Russia’s desires to install the GOP as the permanent dominating party in DC – demonizing Democrats and any media that does not conform to the propaganda that the state’s version of “truth” that they want people to hear.

    I am beginning to worry that we will soon see a resurgence of the idea that Trump brought up during the 2016 campaign that we should just cancel all future elections and declare Trump the winner, effectively ending our Republic and installing the Russian puppet in the WH for life.

    For those that say “we’re not electing a pastor”, I say “why not ?”. We ARE electing someone to guard the people of the US, to lead our defense forces, to provide for our longterm safety and economic security as well as our cultural and to guard and instill our national spirit into our children. For that job, a pathological liar, con-man, narcissist, egotistical, bigoted, racist, blowhard is not suitable. That job requires a man of faith that can lean on his faith during hard times to make the hard decisions based on the principles of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and to not capitulate to our enemies and further divide our country along racial, class, and ideological lines for personal gain. In other words, we can no longer afford to elect blithering idiots to office because they promise revenge for one segment of our country or another. We can no longer afford to participate in “binary” politics and must reject the fear-mongering and intimidation that is already ramping up from the Trumpian wing of the Republican party.

  • earhartam

    I noted during the CBS interview with Trump how confident he was that he would win and win bigger in 2020. Considering the interview was about his Putin boot licking presser, it seemed like a “Putin loves me so you cant touch me” comment. The expression on his face was shameless confidence.

    I agree with much of what you say. It seems to me the complete picture slowly forming seems to be that Trump’ relationship was not completely non existent, and although Putin didnt think Trump would win he was putting his eggs in all one basket after the conventions. And, honestly I am also beginning to believe Trump definitely knew it.

    The presser and invitation solidifies what I already understood to be true, but really emphasized what I didnt want to believe. Kinda like OJ Simpson. It wasn’t until all of the evidence was presented that I thought OMG! OJ is guilty!

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I saw an article in the Washington Examiner where the “reporter” (it may have been Byron York – I don’t recall) asked 3 “ex-prosecuters” about the “significance” of Mueller farming out the prosecutions to various districts. To a man, all three agree with the reporter’s pre-determination that Mueller has no evidence or Mueller would be doing his own prosecution.

    I disagree. I note that Mueller recently went back to DOJ for additional funding & resources as well as 100 (or so) additional blank subpoenas. I also note that Mueller’s referrals seem to be holding up eliciting guilty pleas or sufficient evidence to gain indictments, denial of bail to Manafort, and jail terms for virtually every referral he has made. If Mueller is asking for these types of additional resources and simultaneously farming out court-prosecutions to various DA offices as a possible means to offload the courtroom drain on what are apparently already limited resources, I have to conclude that:
    (1) Mueller is a rarity in DC: an honest apolitical prosecutor/investigator whose dedication is not to party but to rule-of-law.
    (2) Mueller has a real tiger by the tail and has found several loose threads that could well unravel a web of deceit and foreign influence that appears to have turned our DC political class against the best interests of the people. At a minimum, he appears to be unraveling the protections that Trump so confidently expects to protect him and Trump’s Russian associates from detection and exposure.
    (3) Mueller is not only closing in on Trump, but his indictments have so far demonstrated that Trump’s campaign had very close associations with Russian and Russia-influenced actors with the indictements of Manafort (campaign manager), exposure of the Trump JR meeting with the Russians and Trump’s subsequent cover-up attempt from AF-1, and Carter Page indictments (AFTER Page left the Trump campaign), and the FBI spy informant that was able to extract so much information from the senior Trump campaign personnel. As to closing in on Trump, Mueller has gone after Trump’s finances, finding numerous connections to Russian players and dependence on Russian funding.
    (4) That Mueller seems to be going after Trump’s family now (Jr, Eric, etc) and Trump’s fixer (Michael Cohen) for monetizing their access to US secrets and Trump himself makes a mockery of Trump now considering pulling security clearances from Obama-era executives for “monetizing their (expired) [non-]access to classified info while leaving his own family with access to whatever they want.
    (5) I believe there is much more to come from the Mueller probe. I believe that another good reason for Mueller not doing his own prosecution is to limit the discovery that could be obtained from him at trial in order to warn off future targets of his probe. I believe that Trump and Putin are BOTH getting more and more desperate to shut down Mueller’s probe as the probe gets closer and closer to the heart of their collusion (BTW: we will never see an indictment for “collusion” as the Trumpsplainers keep crying about. What we WILL see (and HAVE seen) is evidence of conspiracy and premeditation between Trump operatives and Russian operatives. I do not believe Trump is in the practice of writing instructions out for his illegal activities (thereby generating a paper trail), but doing everything verbally (hence the potential importance of Cohen’s taped conversations).
    (6) As we now watch Trump attempt to protect and help Russia by doing all he can to lift or ignore sanctions, attempt to influence public opinion in favor of Russia, discredit our intelligence agencies and our law enforcement, and disrupt existing trade deals, destroy NATO, and all North Korea free reign on the Korean Peninsula, I believe Mueller will find a LOT more evidence for Trump’s continuing conspiracy and attempts to ingratiate himself to Putin at the expense of US sovereignty and US security.

    Standard US security procedure is to deactivate all security clearances when an individual leaves office. That deactivation is always subject to reactivation if required by future employment unless it is pulled for cause (failure to safeguard the classified information). We know that Comey’s clearance was deactivated when he left the FBI as should have been all those from the NSC. Deactivated is not “pulled for cause” it is “expired”. “Monetizing” a clearance is not even a valid concept much less a reason to “invalidate a clearance for cause”. If Trump pulls active clearances from past officials, he is essentially saying they can no longer be trusted with our nation’s secrets – including those in their heads – and are a national security risk while also saying that his children that were never formally issued Top Secret clearances before working in the WH are NOT at risk and main continue to monetize (sell) their access to Trump and their influence on US foreign policy in exchange for trademarks, money or other “gifts” from foreign nations. Terminating clearances “for cause” is nothing but a petty move by a petty tyrant attempting to consolidate his power by purging all those in government that disagree with him and insuring that their lives are ruined and that they can never seek government employment again (who would hire them for their expertise if they are now barred from holding a security clearance of any level ?)

  • Mother124

    Susan, I’m always looking for your articles at Daily Wire! So glad I found you here, where I know I can read you all the time, not just at random! Got you bookmarked!

    Regarding the Trump admin and this investigation, it’s the Clinton tactic. Call it old news, a witch hunt, stand firm, and generally exhaust people into just not caring any more.