Teen Magazine Promotes “Comedy” Tour in Support of Abortion Rights

Teen Magazine Promotes “Comedy” Tour in Support of Abortion Rights August 7, 2018

This is not my first piece written about the scourge that is out to bring down our youth and corrupt any chance at an emotionally healthy future, based on a moral, principled foundation.

This isn’t an overreaction. Our youth are our tomorrow, and if they are corrupted now, what is their future?

I’m specifically talking about Teen Vogue, the pox on teen publications that routinely works in filth and topics unsuited to the emotional well-being of the 13 to 17 year old age group it is geared towards.

In the past, the online version of the magazine has approached topics such as a tutorial on anal sex, and clever, fun gifts to cheer up friends who are “post-abortion.”

So is this appropriate for a 13 year old child?

Not at all, and parents of young girls need to know the kind of filth and moral decay that is being promoted from that particular forum.

I’m I sounding like an old fuddy-duddy?

Yeah. I don’t care. Right is right, and this is utterly corrupt.

In a recent issue, the magazine ran a feature on something called the Lady Parts Justice League. The exact article was titled “Lady Parts Justice League Fights Anti-Abortion Stigma With Humor: Yes, abortion can be funny.”

Let’s be clear from the top: NO. Abortion can never be funny, and any society that attempts to frame it in such a manner is lost.

The article goes on to explain the efforts of a group of female comedians who travel around the country as part of a pro-abortion support team, gathering at fake abortion clinics and areas where there may be pro-life protests, offering snark and conscienceless defense of taking preborn life.

You see, the goal is to convince young women that it is the abortionists who are the heroes, and those who defend babies in the womb are somehow the antagonists in this scenario.

Teen Vogue’s coverage of the group, formed in 2015 by comedian and feminist activist, Lizz Winstead, wants to make this seem like a bold group of freedom fighters, rather than the ghouls they are.

Last summer marked the group’s first Vagical Mystery Tour, in which they spent two months traveling to 16 different U.S. cities that have limited abortion access. Back by popular demand, this summer they are in the midst of their second full tour. Beyond their hilarious feminist comedy shows, an important feature of Lady Parts Justice League’s work on the road is their engagement with independent clinics. On each stop of the tour, they reserve a few days to — in their words — make sh/*t happen. They offer services as volunteers and allies for whatever a clinic needs in a given moment. Sometimes this takes the form of performing manual labor for the clinic, recruiting and organizing volunteers, escorting or staging counter protests, or just listening and learning from the people on the front lines of abortion politics. Since clinics can be the site of violence, the Lady Parts Justice League also aims to bring joy in the form of barbecues, giant parking lot hot tub parties, and more.

Well, how about that? It’s just one, big, fun party!

The group see themselves as a support to activists, and that their comedy is helpful to amplify the concerns of the pro-abortion crowd.

For example: at counter protests, like the one we staged at the Northland Family Planning Clinic, LPJL shows just how brilliant of a pairing comedy and grassroots abortion activism can be. The Lady Parts Justice League escalates clinic escorting by further drawing attention to themselves with big posters that distract from protesters’ anti-abortion posters. They directly engage with the protesters: asking them questions to expose logical fallacies, gleefully shouting back at their violent language, invoking their improvisation skills and natural wit to make jokes out of the situation.

This brings up a good point.

For those who value life and wish to protest the ugliness of abortion, if you’re screaming at women walking into clinics to have abortions and calling them murderers, you’re not going to get them to listen.

Is abortion murder?

Without a doubt. That being said, however, it pays to understand the battle. Most women seeking abortions are in a desperate situation. Few view it with the casual regard of going in for a dental checkup.

The left, however, is using tactics like this loathsome “comedy” troupe, and outlets like Teen Vogue to make it seem not only normal and routine, but as some celebratory rite of womanhood.

It’s not.

To win the war against the hateful rhetoric of the left and the society-killing offshoots of feminism, those who value life need to consider more appealing tactics to draw women away from the door of the abortion clinic.

The article goes on to make a sympathetic plea for the “good” of abortion.

This is not to say that abortion is not a difficult option for some people. Those who are struggling with their abortion experience benefit from resources that can help them navigate those complicated emotions. However, the danger of only amplifying this specific narrative is that it becomes the dominant one, allowing for anti-choice ideologies to exploit that emotion and present abortion as predominantly emotionally disruptive for people. Although a “good” or “accepted” choice can be in relation to economic welfare or personal safety, this narrative does not allow for a good choice on the basis of self-interest. Within the meritocratic approach to reproductive health in United States, “goodness” and “respectability” for women are measured by their ability to sacrifice for vulnerable populations (their families, kids), and not for their ability to make the best decision for themselves

Lady Parts Justice League offers a new sort of abortion politics: one which incorporates the frequently obfuscated space of joy, pleasure, and relief in discussions about abortion. One that pushes its members to be intentional about their activism and ideology, to find ways they can use their individual skills to support local abortion clinics and allies, and have fun while doing it.

Have fun while doing it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: They’re after our children (the born, even as much as the preborn).

Don’t let them have them.



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