Creepy Fox News Hypocrite Blindsides Attorney for Trump Mistress

Creepy Fox News Hypocrite Blindsides Attorney for Trump Mistress September 14, 2018

Fox News personality, Tucker Carlson, has been on a fast track to complete and total joke for some time, now.

Carlson’s sole purpose now seems to be wrapped up in his transmogrification into a dumber, more annoying version of Sean Hannity.

It shouldn’t be a competition, ladies, but… WOW.

I thought last week’s Tucker Carlson segment, asking what was so great about diversity was peak for him.

And you know, there are few things I find as annoying as labeling everything “racist” as a way of avoiding having a conversation based on facts. The perpetual victimhood of the left is one reason we have Trump, now.

That being said, Carlson and his most Trumpidian declaration of finding other cultures unsuitable to our way of life was insane.

Yes. I know. We’re used to a certain way of life, certain freedoms here. No one should come here and declare they want to change our entire culture, in order to replace it with their own. That being said, we don’t reject those who are different, here.

Carlson, and whoever was working behind the scenes with his show really went overboard on Thursday night.

So this is how it went down:

On Wednesday, Michael Avenatti, the attorney for former Trump mistress, Stormy Daniels, appeared on daytime talk show, The View, where he referred to Carlson as a “pig” for his constant disparagement of Ms. Daniels.

That night, Carlson dedicated a segment to slamming Avenatti, referring to him as the “creepy porn lawyer.”

On Thursday night, Carlson had Avenatti on his program. It wasn’t to talk about issues. It was apparently classic Carlson, where he invites a guest on, under the guise of an “interview,” which then breaks down almost immediately to Carlson interrupting and being a complete jerk.

In other words, if you’re watching to learn anything outside of how ignorant and disrespectful Tucker Carlson is, you’re out of luck.

This was no different. In fact, Carlson stated at the top of the segment that they would refrain from referring to his guest by the childish nickname.

He lied, not just to Avenatti, but to his audience.

“We could sit here and hurl insults at each other,” Carlson began, before saying he wanted to take Avenatti “seriously.” In that same moment, the chyron below them changed to read “CREEPY PORN LAWYER TOYING WITH 2020 RUN.” Some version of that moniker remained on screen for the rest of their nearly 13-minute interview.

Avenatti was under the impression that he was there to talk about his client, Stormy Daniels, and the case of Trump paying her off in 2016, in order to keep their affair secret before the election.

That’s what he thought.

Instead, it was made about him. Carlson wanted to know his political stance, if he was truly going to run for the presidency (I’m going to say he won’t), and anything to keep from talking about how sleazy Donald Trump actually is.

Still, kudos to Avenatti for trying to interject with some sanity.

As Carlson kept “creepy porn lawyer” on the screen, he was called out for his hypocrisy.

“Why is it that you don’t call Donald Trump the ‘creepy porn president?’” Avenatti asked Carlson at one point. “He’s the one that had sex, with a four-month-old son at home, with my client, without a condom. But you don’t want to acknowledge that!”

That’s true.

Were it not for Donald Trump’s adultery and immorality, we would not be talking about Stormy Daniels (or any of the other mistresses), at all.

Carlson’s best defense was to refer to the affair as “consensual.”

Ok. So Stormy Daniels had a consensual affair with a married Trump. Again, why is he not the bad guy? He had a wife and newborn at home. Isn’t that worse?

Avenatti pointed out to Carlson his own hypocrisy in disparaging his association with a porn star, while giving Trump a complete pass for having an adulterous relationship with one.

Avenatti is simply doing his job, as an attorney. Why does Trump get a pass?

It wasn’t until the final moments of the gross display that the words on the screen migrated into Carlson’s mouth. “Creepy porn lawyer, great to see you,” the host said, getting the last word and cutting to commercial.

Of course.

Not only is Carlson a hypocrite, but he is a coward for how he handled this interview.

You can watch the train wreck here:



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  • Ellen Elmore

    With the possible exception of Brett Baier, all of the Fox News personalities have become part of the Trump cult. They spew Trump propaganda rather than reporting the truth. It is why I no longer watch Fox News. Prior to Trump becoming the Republican nominee, I was a Fox News junkie.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Prior to Trump in the primaries, I was already weaning off Fox News (still had it on TV for background noise and as my primary TV source of news, but declining in value and frequency as more and more headliners veered from truth and conservative values (or even balanced reporting) to GOP-party-line rah-rah partisanship. By the time Trump announced his campaign, I had stopped watching Fox altogether because there was no more balanced reporting to be had (all shows were either pro-GOP/anti-conservative/anti-Christian-values or outright liberal points of view. Since then I have set high standards for any internet site I visit – When the site starts praising or making excuses for Trump’s corrupt personality, I know it’s time to abandon that site because the Trumpian poison has taken hold and the site will only spiral into more and more cult-worship as the comment sections are over-run and the more rational commenters are driven away, leaving the authors (usually without principle or bedrock values) chasing the Trumpian cult to retain clicks.

    If the site features authors that make excuses for Trump or that claim to be “transactional” (“good Trump / bad Trump”), I go elsewhere as the the “transactional or good/bad” approach is never more than an attempt to find as much as possible to praise Trump for while ignoring the bad (no matter HOW bad – or how much of the “good” is negated by the “bad”) and eventually devolves into “good Trump” -> “better Trump” -> “bestest Trump” -> “praise Trump”.

  • Kelly

    I so agree with you. I have stopped visiting sites that are considered conservative but are just cheerleaders for Trump. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find good news sites. Right now, my go to sites are here and The Resurgent. Can you recommend any others?

  • chemical

    Shepard Smith is pretty level headed — so much so that I wonder why he still has a job at Fox.
    Fox’s main problem is that they have actual news, and propaganda shows that look kind of like news, if you squint a lot, mixed in with actual news. That’s where you find your Tucker Carlsons / Sean Inanity / Fox and Friends.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I also watch the Washington Examiner. I realize it’s a mainstream site and there are the occasional pro-Trump articles, but the site always puts a disclaimer at the end of each article telling you where the author works and what his/her title is or which position in which political party (if either) they hold. Using that information as well as a big dose of common sense, with a little practice it’s fairly easy to determine the bias of the author if it’s unclear in the article.

    There are some rabidly pro-Trump articles from the likes of Byron York that I never bother with and some much more balanced, fact-based articles from other authors. There are even the occasional tall-it-like-it-is article that are actually anti-Trump-agenda.

    I can also recommend (with full support) The Strident Conservative ( This site also has a list of other conservative sites (most have fallen to Trumpism, others are no longer valid – but it’s a list you can check out) in the left column of his front page.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I got tired of squinting at Shepard Smith’s liberal, snarky comments on the news.

  • Re: “Carlson’s best defense was to refer to the affair as “consensual.”

    Since no one accused Trump of raping Stormy Daniels, and Daniels has stated numerous times that the affair was consensual, what is Carlson’s point? that the adultery committed by Donald Trump is okay and a big to-do about nothing?

    Black’s Legal Dictionary definition of adultery: the voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with a person other than the offender’s husband or wife.

    Yes, Carlson makes a strange argument for a man who claims to be a Christian and abhors the liberals who run his denomination. In 2013 while lamenting the Episcopal Church’s support for gay marriage and abortion rights, Carlson said: “They don’t care at all what God thinks of it, because they actually don’t believe in God.”

    Obviously the liberals are not the only ones who don’t care.

  • JASmius

    Here’s the thing, though: Avenatti had to know what he was getting himself into. He may have colorful clients, but he doesn’t appear to be an idiot. He knows what Tucker Carlson has become. He had to have a pretty good idea of what this segment would turn into, and that he wouldn’t be allowed to make his case and would be set up. Yet he accepted the booking anyway. It was “Jerry Springer on Fox”, and Avenatti was a willing participant. Hard to shed any tears for him.

  • JASmius

    Aside from Strident Conservative and Ms. Wright, there aren’t any sites that aren’t infected with Trumpism to some degree, but ones such as National Review Online, The Federalist, and The Resurgent do substantially allow the conservative NeverTrump point of view to be heard. Red State, Conservative Review and the Daily Wire used to be on that list, but they all disappeared inside the Trump Cult months ago.

  • Kelly

    I quit Red State after the purge, and the Daily Wire has become very disappointing. I visited Strident Conservative today and liked what I saw.