Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Said to Be Next Trump Admin Ouster

Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Said to Be Next Trump Admin Ouster November 13, 2018

He was born the proverbial, spoiled rich kid.

In his youth, he was a thug, cruel and selfish, encouraged by his daddy’s wealth to indulge in his worst impulses, knowing that the children of the privileged were not often held to the same standards of societal conduct.

That was the direction of his life, until an incident with a knife became the final straw, and Fred Trump plucked up his middle child and shuffled him off to a military school.

As a man, he burned through wives and mistresses, almost as recklessly as he burned through money and bad business deals. His father continued to support him, until he panicked, realizing he was being manipulated in his old age by his son, to funnel his wealth into keeping his failing casinos afloat. Fear that his other children would be cut out drove the elder Trump to make adjustments to his will. He had to protect his offspring from their own brother’s selfish impulses.

And now, as an elderly man and president, Donald Trump still has no respect for propriety or the rule of law. It’s about what he wants, and nothing else matters.

To that end, he’s set to follow up the forced resignation of [now former] Attorney General Jeff Sessions with ousting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

This particular shakeup could come as soon as this week, some are speculating, and it all has to do with President Trump’s inability to understand that the government of the United States is a system of rules and laws. It was deliberately set up to prevent vain, faithless men from instituting despotic rule.

The Washington Post covered the story on Monday.

White House chief of staff John Kelly is reportedly fighting the president on the matter, hoping to keep Nielsen in place. Kelly hired Nielsen as his chief of staff while DHS secretary and has reportedly defended her for months.

Trump has berated Nielsen in public and in private since she was hired, aggressively going after her during Cabinet meetings and mocking her in conversations with other White House officials, the Post reported.

And of course, for anyone in that position, the constant barrage of abuse from the boss only serves to beat down the spirit of the target.

Nielsen is reportedly weary of being the president’s punching bag. She has, for months, attempted to explain to him why some of his border policies cannot simply be enacted, on the spot. He’s not getting it.

Trump has grown frustrated with Nielsen when she reportedly tells him that some of his hard-line proposals, including completely shutting down the border with Mexico, would not be feasible.

Nielsen came under widespread scrutiny over the summer when reports emerged that the administration’s so-called “zero-tolerance” policy had resulted in the separation of thousands of migrant children from their parents at the Southern border. Nielsen vigorously defended the policy in public, drawing the targeted ire of immigration activists and top Democratic lawmakers. Some critics called for her immediate resignation.

Nielsen is one of a number of Republicans to be harassed in public for her association with the Trump administration, and in particular, the detainment of families.

She has suffered for the sake of Trump. I imagine she is looking forward to being the next to be voted off of MAGA Island.

But no, there’s no dysfunction in this administration. That’s just a the lying, fake news media, right?

Trump’s pick to replace Nielsen should be an interesting one.

Just as he chose a relative unknown, Matthew Whitaker, to take Jeff Sessions’ place, simply based on how his stated views could best serve Trump’s personal interests, expect the one he puts in Nielsen’s place to be a nationalist hardliner, as well.

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  • JASmius

    Here’s what Trump doesn’t “get”, or doesn’t want to hear: We’re a generation past the point where his alleged immigration hardliner stance would be feasible. A “wall” would always have been a boondoggle and failure, since overstaying visas accounts for the majority of illegals. But even if it would have worked, guess what? The time for closing the border was decades ago. Anywhere from twelve to thirty million of them ***are already here***. To find them all would turn our country into a de facto police state. Even if you could find them all, to try and deport them would require the construction of mass internment camps that wouldn’t even have the national security justification FDR had when he locked up several million Japanese-Americans in World War II. The PR optics of all of that would be a nightmare and a disaster. It’s neither practical nor politically possible.

    I certainly “get” that foreigners coming here in violation of our immigration laws should not be rewarded for their illegality. I heartily agree with that principle. It’s why amnesty has been overwhelmingly opposed by the American people for over a decade. But the reality is there just aren’t many alternatives to some sort of “pathway to citizenship” or whatever amnesty euphemism one wants to use. It’s an awful choice, but it’s also more than likely the least awful choice left to us.

    That’s what Secretary Nielsen has been telling Trump, and that’s what he doesn’t want to hear because his ego can’t bear to so publicly walk back the core of the con job that hoodwinked #Cult45. He needs the cover of a “deal” with Nancy Pelosi so he can fob off the heat on her. And, given that Nielson fell on her sword defending the notorious family separation policy, that’s the cover he can use for getting rid of her and putting, I don’t know, maybe Alex Jones in her place.

  • RustbeltRick

    “Nielsen has suffered for Trump” and I suppose her deep pain led her to tear families apart. And then lie about it.

    I’m glad this reprehensible public servant is getting kicked to the curb but I’m sure Trump will install someone worse.