Reports Name Chris Christie as Potential Sessions Replacement

Reports Name Chris Christie as Potential Sessions Replacement November 8, 2018

So more McDonald’s runs in service to the president?

With Jeff Sessions finally put out of his wretched misery and sent on his way, to be replaced, temporarily, by a Trump sycophant (Matthew Whitaker) with absolutely no chance of ever being confirmed to the role, it’s time to start tossing out potential names for a more permanent placement.

It won’t be Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He fell out of favor with Dear Leader when he stepped in and appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel over the Russia investigation. He has no hope of an upward career trajectory, as long as Trump is in office.

In fact, it’s more likely that he’ll be the next one President Trump targets for termination.

So, with Rosenstein a non-factor and Whitaker just a place holder, who will end up as Trump’s eventual pick to be the new Justice Department head?

Well, according to CBS News, the president may be falling back to an old ally from the campaign trail (along with a few other potentials).

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being considered to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general, two sources familiar with the matter tell CBS News. President Trump forced Sessions out as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer on Wednesday, one day after Democrats captured the House in the midterm elections.

As some of you may remember, the talk of making Chris Christie the attorney general was constant, right up until he got the shaft and Trump gave the position to Jeff Sessions.

It was a lot of egg on Christie’s face, as he was sent away in disgrace, with no role in the Trump administration.

While on the campaign trail, Christie ran errands for Trump, and in one degrading incident, a hot mic caught Donald Trump dismissing Christie after an introduction, telling him to go home.

Then there were all the fat jokes Christie was forced to endure.

Trump showed no respect to Christie on the campaign trail. It was an excruciating look into how Donald Trump uses people for his own purposes, then forgets about them.

Then again, it was Chris Christie, while serving as a federal prosecutor in 2004 who sent Trump son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner’s father to prison.

Charles Kushner was convicted of a tax fraud scheme, as well as giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Democrat politicians, while using the names of employees and associates, without their knowledge.

Jared Kushner has long been believed to be the source behind blocking Christie’s nomination as attorney general, and his eventual flushing from the Trump team.

Now, however, President Trump is looking for loyalists in these positions, and Kushner had given enough bad advice that perhaps the president isn’t listening to him as closely, anymore.

Still, Christie won’t just be handed the position. There are others on the list.

No decisions are expected soon, and the list of those being considered — which also includes Rudy Giuliani, outgoing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and former Attorney General William Barr, who served under President George H. W. Bush — is likely to grow in the coming days, CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett reports.

Rudy Giuliani??

I would scratch Giuliani off that list. Between his work as part of Trump’s Russia probe legal team and a nasty divorce proceeding, he may be preoccupied.

Bondi is an interesting choice.

For those who have already forgotten the earliest days of the primaries, Bondi is the state attorney general who received the case regarding Trump’s fraudulent school, Trump University. The plaintiffs suing to try and recoup some of their funds were no doubt deeply disappointed when Bondi suddenly announced that there was no case there, and dropped it.

They were probably more disappointed (but maybe not shocked) to learn that Bondi had received – completely unrelated, I’m sure – a hefty campaign contribution (about $25,000).

To be fair, Bondi had solicited a campaign contribution from Trump several weeks before her office was made aware of the lawsuit. The problem is, the contribution didn’t come until after her office was made aware.

You can make up your own mind as to what that could mean. I’ve got my own ideas.

I’ll say this: Bondi is another that often appears on American Pravda (Fox News) to sing the glories of Donald Trump, so she’s just the kind of loyalist he’s always looking for.

And William Barr?

I honestly have no opinion about him, other than it would seem he’s a bit of an outlier in all this.

So let’s just wait and see if Christie finally gets what he groveled and hopped for 2 years ago. And if he gets it, if he can maintain the office with dignity.


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  • IllinoisPatriot

    I think we need to start assuming that anyone Trump would nominate for pretty much any political position is being put there out of their devotion to Trump and as future blocks-slash-scapegoats for any future Trump needs such as legal protection, implementation of future illegal orders (Executive Orders or otherwise), or for purposes of payback for past services rendered/payments received.

    All those early appointments from Trump are being forced out or otherwise removed in favor of Trump cronies, as the original people try to assert their authority in performance of their jobs and run afoul of Trump’s nepotism or his temper-tantrums.

  • JASmius

    Bondi’s being bribed by Trump in the Trump university case would be bound to come up in confirmation hearings, making her an….uncomfortable “yes” vote for Judiciary Committee ‘Pubbies. Whittaker would have the same problem. It depends upon the degree to which they’ve been worn down and corrupted. If Lindsey Graham is any indication, I’m less than hopeful.

    I assume Barr is a non-starter precisely because he has no history of being a Trump gerbil.

    Christie is an example of one of those people who has no excuse not to know better but might be too weak to resist. His life’s ambition apart from being governor of his home State is to be U.S. Attorney-General; but on the other hand, he’s seen what happened to Jeff Sessions, and earlier, James Comey. Speaking for myself, I can’t imagine why anybody in their right mind would knowingly and willingly take a job working for a boss that you know is going to treat you like one of his illicit girlfriends: use you until he gets bored with you, then toss you out the airlock in as humiliating a fashion as possible, no matter how obsequiously loyal you’ve been and how much you’ve sacrificed for him. And the thing with Christie is that ***he’s already gone through this wringer once already***. To volunteer for it ***twice***….I mean, does the man have ***any*** self-respect ***at all***? I guess we’ll find out.