Trump Hits Rep. Adam Schiff With Vulgar Reference

Trump Hits Rep. Adam Schiff With Vulgar Reference November 18, 2018

Where were you when it hit you that America elected a Twitter troll to the presidency?

Donald Trump’s desperation over losing the House to the Democrats is only beginning to peak, giving the public a good view of his panic.

Meanwhile, Representative Adam Schiff (D-N.Y.) is set to take over as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. That being the case, I suspect we’ll see different behavior surrounding the Russia probe than we saw with Representative Devin Nunes, who spent an unusual amount of time attempting to cast doubt on special counsel Robert Mueller and the probe.

It’s a lot of pressure for a man who has seen people from his campaign team dropping like flies, due to what the Russia probe uncovers.

On Sunday, Representative Schiff challenged the appointment of Matthew Whitaker to the position of acting Attorney General.

Other than serving as chief of staff to Jeff Sessions and getting a few television gigs to spout off about how to shut down the Russia probe, Whitaker has no real credentials.

President Trump took to his Twitter wall attack Adam Schiff with one of his custom-made nicknames.

“So funny to see little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talking about the fact that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but not mentioning the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly conflicted) was not approved by the Senate!” Trump wrote in a tweet.

Yes. A sitting U.S. president actually thought it was the height of intelligence and diplomacy to make such a reference about Democrat lawmaker.

This isn’t the first time the president has brought up that Robert Mueller was not confirmed by the Senate, either.

“Don’t tell me about Whitaker, because Mueller was not Senate confirmed, and Whitaker was, actually,” the president said earlier this month.

Yeah. Here’s the thing…

The position of attorney general is one that requires Senate confirmation.

The position of special counsel does not.

Do you think there’s anyone in Trump’s current circle that tells him these things?

It’s not that Mueller couldn’t make it through a confirmation process. He did that very thing in 2001 and 2011, when he was unanimously confirmed to be the FBI director, and serving a total of 13 years, under both a Republican and a Democrat presidency.

Whitaker went through the process in 2004, as he assumed the spot of U.S. attorney in Iowa for the subsequent five years.

That doesn’t make him right to step in as the new head of the Justice Department, but that didn’t enter into Trump’s equation. He was looking for a political hitman to solve his current “Mueller problem.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Schiff clapped back at Trump with his own tweet:

“Wow, Mr. President, that’s a good one. Was that like your answers to Mr. Mueller’s questions, or did you write this one yourself?” Schiff wrote, referring to reports that Trump’s lawyers are writing Trump’s answers to written questions from Mueller.

Sweet burn, Mr. Schiff.

I can’t even begin to say how unprofessional and uncouth it is for our president to drag down discourse to this level.

Unfortunately, this is where we are, and it will take the people to stop indulging Trump’s bad behavior before we see any changes.

I just don’t see that happening.

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  • Polarbearpapa

    11 Upright citizens are good for a city and make it prosper, but the talk of the wicked tears it apart.

    Proverbs 11

  • JASmius

    Remember “Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids”, that animated series from the 1970s? Remember how one of the kids was named “Dumb Donald”? Perhaps that should be turned into a Trump hashtag.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I believe that if Trump WERE to get his wish and Whitaker shuts down the Mueller investigation, the Democrats would have all the information and proof they need to impeach Trump based on demonstrated corruption while in office and obstruction of justice in firing Mueller.

    I do not believe for a minute that no one is taking notes on every corrupt or ethically questionable action Trump has taken since his inauguration. From firing Comey and lying about it, to unilaterally abandoning the NAFTA treaty without following the procedures outlined in the treaty for arbitration to strong-arming and insulting allies and trading partners while sucking up to despots and dictators, Trump has given plenty of impeachment material that only needs to be further investigated (press reporters – where are you ?)

    The above list is not all-inclusive as Trump’s nepotism (illegal), emoluments (illegal), and attacks on the constitutionality of the Judicial and Legislative Branches is a direct attack on the Constitution (though Democrats likely won’t want to push that point because they are likely just as guilty, though more subtle about their actions. Trump protection of his cronies while attacking others is just further proof — attacking Adam Schiff, Ted Cruz, etc while protecting Cohen, Stone, & other cronies is (I’m quite sure) VERY well-known within DC circles, but is being kept out of he news to try to protect Trump.

    Should Mueller ever have reason to put Trump’s lawyers on the stand, lots of legal “irregularities” may come to the surface as potential points of evidence in impeachment charges. Then there is the whole issue of Trump’s family illegally using government resources and Presidential “access” for personal enrichment.

  • captcrisis

    I’d call him “deplorable”, wouldn’t you?

  • Mother124

    Because this is what the President of the United States does now.


  • Steven Andrew

    It’s going to be two years of this. If the GOP stays loyal, it’ll be two years of the entire party apparatus dedicated solely to defending Trump from whatever foolish things he says or does.

  • Ellen Elmore

    I don’t see anyone holding Trump accountable for his actions. He seems to be as untouchable as the Clintons. Republicans are afraid of him due to his rage against those that disagree with him. After watching what Trump did to 16 other Republican candidates running for president in 2016, they have all become cowards. No matter what Trump says or does, his base will continue to support him. It seems to be enough.

  • JASmius

    It won’t be in 2020. The midterms proved that. And Trump isn’t capable of “pivoting”. He is who and what he is, and isn’t capable of behaving any other way.

  • JASmius

    i.e. The reason why the GOP will be in the political wilderness for years to come, much as the Democrat Party was gutted by the Clinton (12 years) and Obama (8 years) personality cults. But it will last considerably longer in Trump’s case, methinks. His name/brand stink will cling to the Republican Party like Herbert Hoover’s did. And that one lasted for a full twenty years if you want to count Eisenhower’s presidency as Republican, and thirty six years if you hang an asterisk on it. And remember that Hoover wasn’t an actively bad man, just someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got left holding the proverbial bag for the Great Depression. Trump is actively ruining the GOP for a generation or more.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I think the midterms proved that the GOP as a whole is past it’s ‘sell-by’ date and has become irrelevant in politics.

    The GOP went all-out in the mid-terms and still lost the HOR and came far too close to losing the Senate in far too many races to be coincidence. A result of the mid-terms and the Trumpist/Democrat unibrow tanking of our economy will result in a real demand for a 3rd party in 2020. WHERE IS IT ?

    I just cannot get past the observation that the GOP ALMOST LOST the races in Texas and Tenn – two of the reddest states in the country because of conservatives (true conservatives) that finally had enough and simply refused to continue supporting Trump/GOP tickets / candidates. BOTH states should have won their respective reelections by over 20 points, but both were in low single digits.

    2020 will very likely be a blowout against the GOP (but not necessarily FOR the DNC). We will not hear about this from the media because it is counter to their agendas. We will only see this through polling results and the courage to speak truthfully what we see occurring without regard to the spin put on results from DC or NYC media “professional” partisans.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    True. Trump’s stench will hang on for longer as well because it is also associated with the McConnell / Boehner / McCarthy stench that will continue fueling the disgust and rejection of the party with betrayal after betrayal of GOP principles & platform.