Another One Bites the Dust: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Makes His Escape

Another One Bites the Dust: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Makes His Escape December 8, 2018

So the rumors for this one have been floating around for some time. We all knew it wasn’t a matter of “if” White House Chief of Staff John Kelly would bail on the Trump administration, but “when” he would leave.

When the ship is taking on water and its total submersion into the murky depths seems imminent, then I guess there’s no better time.

President Trump finally announced Kelly’s departure from the White House on Saturday:

“John Kelly will be leaving, retiring. I don’t know if I should say ‘retiring,’” Trump said on the South Lawn before leaving for Philadelphia to attend the Army-Navy football game. “But he’s a great guy. John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year.”

Trump added that he “appreciate[s] his service very much.”

This makes the second chief of staff gone in just under 2 years in office for Trump.

With that in mind, let me just plop this here:

Ok. Carrying on…

After spending the first six months of the Trump administration as punching bag, President Trump’s first chief of staff, Reince Priebus, was publicly humiliated and forced out.

The earliest days of the Trump administration were fraught with leaks of “palace intrigue,” with the president running the White House like he ran his reality TV show, pitting players against each other for his amusement.

You have to imagine that every day was figuratively [though, just barely] like stepping into the MMA octagon.

Priebus was one of many high profile turnovers, and John Kelly, a retired United States Marine Corps general, was brought in to try and whip the chaotic White House into shape.

He began by ousting some of the more poisonous influences within the administration.

One such ouster was Anthony Scaramucci, who was named as incoming communications director for Trump on July 21, but within ten days, before he even officially took over the position, had felt John Kelly’s swift boot.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman and Steve Bannon were also excused by Kelly.

The former general trimmed the fat and attempted to create barriers to who could and could not see the president, feeling that the open door policy to the Oval Office many felt entitled to was a distraction.

It worked for a while, as evidenced by the slowed (but not completely stopped) White House leaks.

Kelly had the right idea, but he was one man, working uphill against a mountain of stupid.

Donald Trump did not want to be told what to do. He had a sea of intellectually deficient sycophants, spiritually corrupt clingers, and mercenary “Yes men” all telling him his more destructive and ill-advised impulses were A-OK.

Let Trump be Trump.

It got to the point that some were saying Kelly had thrown his hands up and was suggesting to let Trump do his own thing, right up unto the point where he found himself impeached.

It’s not as if John Kelly was the sole voice of reason in Trump’s White House. He had his own screw ups to concern himself with.

One such screw up was the statement in support of Rob Porter, now-former White House staff secretary – and main squeeze of Hope Hicks, the now-former comms director.

Hicks wrote a statement of support for Porter, which Kelly read without question, after two former wives and a former girlfriend all emerged with stories of abuse against Porter.

I guess no one escapes unscathed from the Trumpian atmosphere.

That lapse in judgment aside, most agree that Kelly was a positive force in an otherwise corrupted environment.

He tried.

The rumors about his replacement are focused on Nick Ayers, currently serving as the chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence.

Ayers is a 36-year old Republican operative, but the rumors of his impending promotion are not being met with overwhelming support among Trump’s supporters.

This is one of those rumors we’ll have to take the wait and see approach to, but for now, we can call another rumor confirmed.

Interestingly enough (and you can infer anything you want from this – I know I have), this news comes a day after news broke that Kelly had spoken with special counsel, regarding the ongoing Russia probe.

John Kelly is making his escape. I expect the interviews and potential book deal to come to be a best-seller.


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  • Kelly

    Susan, you called this one some time ago and were told how wrong you were. That is why a lot of us read your columns as we can get the truth from you.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I can hardly wait to see how quickly Kelly interviews with Mueller. I’m quite sure that even ONE interview (or the rumor of an interview) would set Trump off yet again on another Twitter-Tantrum.

    I’m betting Kelly gets a request for an interview or actually sits down (he should have nothing to fear from a Mueller interview) as early as next week.

    Trump is getting to be textbook case of how to fail as an executive and as a human being.

    I’m now quite sure that if Trump had not inherited so much money and so many criminal connections, he’d be homeless and flat broke, living on welfare and whining he’s not getting “paid” enough. I would certainly never hire him for any job – nor would I ever work for him.

  • Andre Stricker

    Why is it called Susan Wright on the right? Because you comment on the right? You most definitely are not right-wing, perhaps a “conservative”, the kind that would happily watch the whole western world burn while you play the fiddle as long as you have your “conservative values” to cling to. Which let’s be honest, are nothing more then the same globalist economics, only difference is, you conservatives directly identify with the billionaires profiting while the rest of us are reduced to peasantry and have our birthright given away, instead of identifying with the Lieing politicians those billionaires buy the way the progressives do. Thank God your day is done, the future in this country, where the energy lies in politics, is either Nationalistic quasi fascism and white identity politics if your young and righteous, or idiotic progressiveism and internationally I. E the cult of continuous. These two competing ossified are the future of the right and left in this nation and across the west. Shallow weak philosophies based on nothing but free market economics are dead never to be resurrected. Thank God, now bow down to Trump and do as your told, or go March with the transgenders and communists, soon these will be your only choice, and just like beck, and all the other men you once called conservative leaders, and claimed they had more moral fiber then Trump, you too, will make the only smart choice, and bow to trumpism. The writing is on the wall, 30% of the population of this country, will vote how ever Trump says. If America is half right and half left, 50/50, that leaves 20% for the “conservatives”, and we are done with you, so it’s Trump, or lose power forever and prepare for Sanders/cortez 2020

  • Andre Stricker

    More then likely, you don’t employee anyone, so thankfully Trump would never have to worry about this. It must be nice to have the luxury to be able to say what you would never do or not. If no one else would hire you, I bet you would work for Trump. If you kids were starving, I bet you would. Or, lol if he simply decided to show you, that for all your self righteousness, just like all the conservative leaders, you could be bought, offered a couple million dollars, yes you would. Lol so funny that you guys say “never Trump” orange man bad! But every alternative you claimed is better then him, Cruz, whoever, they all bowed down, whores whose values were always a lie

  • captcrisis

    Anyone who agrees to work for Trump comes out of it diminished.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Nice try boot-licker.

    I’ve walked away from high-paying jobs before.

    I have no kids, and am unmarried so your manufactured sob story doesn’t apply to me.

    I don’t really need to work, and I’m not in a hand-to-mouth situation (and I have never been since graduation from high school).

    When I say I would ‘never’ work for Trump, that is exactly what I mean. I don’t need you to put words into my mouth.

    Your statement about “employee’ing’ anyone is complete nonsense since “employee’ is a noun – not a verb. Your poor grasp of English comprehension makes that statement meaningless.

    I’ve never lived in an area where I could not find work and I’ve lived all around the US. Perhaps – unlike you – my decisions to graduate high school and attend college before looking for wife or kids, and my getting an advanced degree in a STEM career has really paid off for me. I don’t worry about finding work or excessive debt – I never have.

    As to Trump offering a million dollars, I’d still refuse because I would know that Trump was lying about the money, the working conditions or both and I refuse to work for someone that unethical in any event. As I said, I’ve walked away from high-paying jobs before and I really neither need nor want his money. It would only make me feel dirty – like I had been rolling in slime.

    Go troll elsewhere.

  • JASmius

    It may turn out in retrospect that General Kelly was the main reason the Trumpidency lasted as long as it has. It also seems less than coincidental that Kelly is getting out right before the Democrats formally take over control of the House of Representatives, opening another YUGE front Trump’s various and sundry scandal wars. He knows when to beat a hasty retreat, unlike his soon to be former boss.

  • JASmius

    Reportedly, Kelly has already talked to Mueller, which is probably what finally prompted his departure.

  • JASmius

    If, if, if, if, if. So essentially the scenario you’re depicting is that anybody who, more than likely, made so many mistakes in their life to put themselves in said desperate position would go to work for Trump in a heartbeat. Which may well be true in most such cases because people like that have abysmally poor judgment anyway. But you can take to the bank the fact that not one of them would have thought it through past the dollar signs, and any who subsequently did would get out quickly once they’d amassed the cash they needed. If they could stick it out that long without being told to do something illegal, at least. And they would dread going to work every day in between.

    See, that’s what you learn as you grow older: that money isn’t everything. It’s the initial enticement to a job, but once you have it, on a day to day basis it becomes a minor factor compared to the satisfaction, or lack thereof, you receive from performing its actual duties. And if you have a crazy, volatile jerk for a boss that makes the lives of you and your co-workers miserable, neither the money nor the erstwhile satisfaction is enough to make it worth enduring for long.

    Assuming, that is, that you have principles and self-respect. If those things are for sale, then anything goes, I suppose. Just ask Michael Cohen.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Excellent, I hope that’s the case and that they have a long, fruitful series of discussions. Though I don’t necessarily agree with Kelly’s position on several issues, I believe he is – at heart – a fair and honorable man that is trying to put his country above his employer, his job and himself.

    I suspect Kelly may have reached the limit of his hypocrisy tolerance (which appears to be considerable) and is (hopefully) ready to discuss his experiences with Mueller because he feels a need for remedial legal action.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I fully believe Kelly WAS the main reason Trump has lasted so long AND he’s the main reason Trump has not already been ousted by the Republicans or indicted by his own DOJ. Kelly has (I’m sure) pulled Trump back from the brink of unforgivable stupidity and obvious legal charges on many occasions as well as from international blunders that would have made those that got through seem cordial.

    I’ve also suspected that the Trump’s unheard-of amounts of “executive time” were an invention of Gen Kelly’s to keep Trump out of the office and away from the staff so as to reduce the amount of time dissenters could spend “winding up” the “boss” each day and the amount of time the “boss” could spend doing stupid things that Gen Kelly would then have to either fix or smooth feathers because of.

    With Kelly gone, I expect a return to the original days of pure chaos and keystone-kops activity that characterized the early Trump WH. With Democrats now in charge of the HOR, I expect Trump to finally shed his mask of “conservatism” and come out as the full-blown fascist, big-government liberal that has attempted to come out on many occasions since his inauguration.

  • Andre Stricker

    Indeed. Nice try boiling a contest of ideas down to a statement about grammar. I’m using a phone that applies auto-correct without rhyme or reason, seemingly as it feels like. In the 7th grade according to the MEEPS test administered in Michigan public schools my reading comprehension level was “post-collegiate” so your butt hurt attempt to disregard the relevancy of my post based on nonsensical criteria is laughable, particularly in a medium, an internet message board, where slang has completely dethroned British English as the go-to vernacular. And after high-school, before coming home to work for my families industrial coatings factory, I was in the army, 35-F, laymen’s terms, an Intel analyst. Its wonderful you are so above the peasants that you have never had to struggle for work or chosen a job to support your family. I thought it would be too cliche for a free-market worshiping globalist to be the one to make a moral stand against trump, but you answered my prayers.Come one and all look in awe on the stereotypical neocon, never had to struggle or make a hard choice in his life, never had to fight to feed his family, with no sympathy,or pity and a complete lack of understanding as to why regular working class white’s would refuse the same old neocon agenda in favor of a man who may not be a poet, or even particularly nice, but opposes globalism and the disenfranchisement of the white male.And no, I like Trolling, especially when people are so out of touch with life in day to day america. Let me broaden your horizons. I’m from Detroit Michigan, one of the last white neighborhoods in the eastern half of wayne county. The most common job for a middle class white guy as I was growing up, was to work in a factory of some kind, obviously the auto workers at the upper end of the payscale. My Dad owned a factory inherited from his uncle and cousins, my elder cousin left the business to pursue a career as a sport fishermen. And he started investing his money in houses in his early 20’s, till 2005 when he reached his peak, 13 seperate properties and a 10 unit apartment complex, and my mother a lawyer. Westland-wayne one of the few Lilly white working class bastions left in the city. 2008, Obama, and the bank bailout, despite never missing a payment in 30 years, and two of the houses he owned being built, by hand, by my grandfather, the bank takes nearly everything. Everyone get’s laid off, and our business barely keeps on chugging, we diversify our business into exports to Europe. The justice department makes a big show of forcing integration on our neighborhood, law suits against realtors the whole 9 yards. And what do we have today ? now that migration from Detroit, has 10 years later, made us just another multiracial exclave ? constant crime, drug overdoses and violence. Three driveby shootings and two murders, this WEEK. don’t believe me ? google is at your fingertips, look up Wayne hype Center Murder, 3 blocks from my home, where my children are supposed to play after school , where I learned to swim, a murder in the lobby. Grand Traverse Street Driveby shooting, a few days ago, in my neighborhood. My kids can’t walk to school anymore in their own neighborhood, my 8 year old, a EIGHT YEAR OLD, little boy , mugged for his lunch money AT SCHOOL, metal dectectors and police. It must be so nice to have the luxury to not have to worry about these things, and for your only concern with “muh conservative principals” but you are living in an version of America that is dead, killed by two partners, progressive globalist scum, and the oh so superior morals of your fellow conservatives. If you have had love for the America where you could grill outside and children could play happily, you’d realize that Trump isn’t its killer, he is its final gasp, the reaction the rest of us had to the end of our beloved country produced Trump, its belligerent Orange defender. More likely though, you’d happily watch this country burn and your people along with it, on the altar of “the free market” and “muh principals”.

  • Andre Stricker

    No, my point is that, you’re whole ideology, “muh conservative principals” is a religion based on the worship of money “the free market”, and is without honor, cuckolding your race and nation for cheap labor, claiming christian principals while playing the homosexual transgender pc politics game for power. And the fact that all of your leaders, have or will, sell themselves and bow down to trump because we won’t even pretend to support them anymore, unless they swear absolute allegiance to Trump, and is in fact, in state and local elections the only thing I demand, total fealty to Trump. I don’t understand the hypocrisy of claiming moral superiority over the man, and then kissing the ring when it is convenien, like Cruz,Paul,Rubio, and every other anti-Trump republican leader. I’m no fair weather Trumpian, I’ve been with him from the beginning, and I make no illusion about the fact that I’d burn the republican party to ashes and dispense with the charade in favor of a political “list” of Trump approved, or a cult of personality. I’m honest about where my loyalties lie, my race, nation, and the man I wish wasn’t president, but king, Donald Trump. You swear allegiance to whole ideology based on whoring for money, I would argue that is all free-market conservative politics are, because you’ve abandoned even the pretense of traditional western values and white Christendom, so all you are left with is capitalism, MONEY. My honor isn’t for sale, and my values are CULTURAL,not financial, this is the difference I point out through allegorical means, I couldn’t care ANY less about the financial system, and would much sooner accept state control of the economy as long as Trans-gendered homosexuality and multicultural heathenry is forced back into the closet where it belongs. Your values are the opposite of this, you would accept defeat culturally, as long as the free market continues creating peasants and billionaires. And again, if Trump is too morally repugnant to rule, aren’t those who spewed vitriol but then quickly bowed before the golden throne and its orange king, TWICE as repugnant ?

  • Andre Stricker

    Lol, “big government”, you mean control of the economy, Again, worship of the dollar. And I certainly hope you are correct, it will take nothing less then fascism to defeat the judaeic,homosexual,muslim,transgendered,miscegenated,multiracial “democracy” that conservatism failed to stop. This is why I say you people are for sale, because your WHOLE belief system, is rooted in money and its worship.