Did Trump’s Inaugural Fund and Super PAC Consist of Illegal Donations?

Did Trump’s Inaugural Fund and Super PAC Consist of Illegal Donations? December 14, 2018

So I touched on this Thursday evening,  and now we know a bit more about the investigation that has opened up, regarding the finances for Donald Trump’s inauguration committee.

The gist of the Thursday evening revelation was that in the secret recordings made by former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, he was heard having a conversation with a former Melania Trump advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who served as a member of the inaugural committee.

Wolkoff was apparently concerned about how the inaugural funds were being spent.

Wolkoff’s event production firm, WIS Media Partners, formed 45 days before the inauguration, raked in nearly $26 million, and was the highest paid vendor for the event.

But there are other concerns.

Federal prosecutors want to know if foreign entities invested into Trump’s inaugural  fund, as well as a pro-Trump super PAC, in an attempt to gain influence over the incoming administration.

The investigation is focused on whether people from Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, disguised donations they made to both funds by using straw donors, the Times reported.

That would be highly illegal, and not the first time something like that popped up with this administration.

Investigators from both New York, as well as special counsel Robert Mueller’s office are looking into the matter.

In particular, there’s an interest in Thomas Barrack Jr., a financier with close ties to Trump, as well as both the inaugural fund, and the super PAC.

“Tom has never talked with any foreign individual or entity for the purposes of raising money for or obtaining donations related to either the campaign, the inauguration or any such political activity,” Owen Blicksilver, a spokesman for Barrack, told the Times.

The super PAC, Rebuilding America Now, was created in 2016 when Trump’s campaign was cash-strapped and failing to garner funds from major Republican donors, the Times reported. The committee raised $23 million, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Of note is who recommended Barrack for the role of super PAC money man: Paul Manafort.

Yup. If Manafort recommended him, given what we know about Manafort and his multiple dirty dealings, now, I’d say you just about have to give Barrack the side eye.

Barrack served as chair over the inaugural fund, while Richard Gates, a former partner of Paul Manafort’s, managed it.

Gates, for those of you who get a sense of recognition of the name, has previously been caught up in Mueller’s ongoing Russia probe. He pleaded guilty back in February to conspiracy against the United States, as well  as lying to FBI agents.

Trump managed to raise a record $107 million for his inaugural fund. It wasn’t exactly left in the most honest of hands.

Meanwhile, we have to note that investigators are still in the very early stages of all this, and for those who get excited over these sorts of things, you can pull back on the reins. At this point, none of it can be pinned on President Trump or his organization.


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  • Marla Hughes

    My long standing theory is that fake/stolen social media profiles tied to PayPal accounts were used to allow foreign entities to contribute to Trump’s campaign. Back when people were investigating the inaugural contributions if they came across a Facebook ID that looked real, they assumed it belonged to real people.
    Maximum contributions by an individual – $2,700
    $2,700 x 40,000 bots = $108,000, 000 (that’s million)
    Each bot can be ‘recycled’ for different politicians, national, state and local.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Fortunately we know from Trump that neither the Russians, the Chinese nor the Saudis contributed to his campaign – that would have been illegal.

    It’s really a good thing that neither the Russians nor the Chinese had any influence over social media and and equally good thing that Trump has assured us that social media does not sway elections…. …. wait …. What’s that you say ? 100’s of fake, Russian-controlled facebook accounts & twitter followers were discovered and terminated during the Congressional hearings in the aftermath of Trump’s election ? … well … I’m sure none of them would have been linked to PayPal accounts because if they had been, I’m sure Trump would have told us so….. … besides – whatever illegal acts Trump may have committed before bcomeing President, he cannot be tried or even accused of them now because to do so would cast doubt on Trump’s innate honesty and Christianity……

    You know what ? Nevermind. … just – Nevermind… Trump lies…. Trump lies all the time…. Trump lies about lying…. Trump lies when he lies about lying…. It’s becoming clear that Trump and the Truth have not been on speaking terms for decades…

    The next news we’ll be hearing is the planned opening of Trump Tower: Moscow, Trump Tower: Ryhad, Trump Tower: Beijing and Trump Tower: N.Korea…. These four deals (by themselves) will bring in BILLIONS of dollars to the US, making America both Great and Rich again ! Trump will finally give us the Democrat utopia – no one will be working but everyone will be on welfare having the time and freedom to participate in arts, crafts and other hobbies that Pelosi once told us were more important than working for mere money.

  • JASmius

    1) Trump and the truth were EVER on speaking terms? That’s generous.
    2) The last hotel would be Trump Tower Pyongyang.
    3) Everyone will be working to build more towers – like the one that will be his Space Force headquarters on the Moon.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Thanks for the spelling – If I’d have tried, it would have probably come out “poon-tang”. I was also not sure if Trump would choose to build downtown or on one of those beaches he admired with such a “beautiful view”….

    I forgot about Trump’s space-farce. I always thought we should have some actual military men stationed in space before even considering a “space farce”, but I guess Trump sees no need for a viable space program before spending money we don’t have on his “space farce”. Perhaps Trump will be commuting to/from the moon to teach his newly invented “jedi mind-tricks” to his red-cap vacuum-breathers – the same tricks that seem to work so well on his weak-minded MAGA storm-troopers. The farce is certainly strong in Trump.

  • chemical

    Technically speaking the correct spelling of the North Korean capital city is 평양. We just write it with English letters to make it easy for non-Korean speakers, but the alphabets don’t have a strict 1:1 correspondence between letters.

    Western media usually botches the pronunciation, too.

  • MarlaHughes I agree

  • MarlaHughes ):