How Confident Is Robert Mueller in the Case He Is Building?

How Confident Is Robert Mueller in the Case He Is Building? December 3, 2018

So how confident is special counsel Robert Mueller in the work he’s been doing since May 2017?

Mueller was assigned as special counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein because of two events.

The first was the recusal of then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the ongoing Russia probe. Sessions had been implicated in the probe, after it was determined that he’d had his own communications with Russian officials, during the course of the 2016 election, while he was campaigning for Donald Trump.

Sessions, out of a sense of propriety and ethical concern, recused himself, having no idea what sort of Hell he’d unleashed and how he would become a target of a petulant, increasingly agitated and unhinged President Trump.

Secondly, Donald Trump shot himself in the foot by firing FBI Director James Comey the way he did.

Did he have a right to fire Comey?

Certainly. As president, he didn’t even need a reason, but after initially having his people say he had fired Comey because of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, he cut the legs out from under them.

Appearing with NBC News’ Lester Holt, Trump proclaimed that he would have fired Comey anyway, and said it was because of the “Russia thing.”

This coincided perfectly with what Comey had already said about the new president asking him to pledge loyalty to him. He also said Trump had asked him to let his first and former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, off the hook.

Flynn was forced to step down from his position with Trump’s administration, after only three weeks, after it was determined that he failed to register as a foreign lobbyist for Turkey, nor did he disclose payments he’d received from three separate Russian firms (with one being RT, the Russian propaganda network) for a speech in Moscow.

Because of all these things, Rosenstein obviously felt the case would be best handled by a competent, well-regarded legal mind, and both sides of the political aisle seemed quite satisfied when Robert Mueller, who served 13 years as director of the FBI, under both the Bush administration, and the Obama administration.

When it became clear that Mueller was taking his assignment seriously, digging in, and overturning every suspicious rock conceivable, Trump and his loyalists with the GOP suddenly balked.

Mueller has been thorough and no matter what Sean Hannity and the other barking mad MAGAdooks claim, he has yielded results.

Axios reporter, Garett Graff, has done an analysis of the work done by Mueller’s team, to date, and in his estimation, special counsel has been dropping little indicators of connection between Trump’s campaign and the actions of Russian intelligence.

The biggest example of this, he says, is an “oddly specific” reference to Russian hackers targeting “email accounts at a domain hosted by a third-party provider and used by [Hillary] Clinton’s personal office” for the first time in 2016 within hours of Trump publicly encouraging Russia to release Clinton’s hacked emails.

He also notes that Mueller linked former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen’s decision to call off the Trump Tower Moscow project in June 2016 with news that broke around the same time of Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee.

Additionally, Mueller conspicuously left one Russian national who traveled to Atlanta in 2014 unindicted earlier this year — despite the fact that “Mueller makes clear in the indictment that he knows the precise IRA official to whom this unnamed male traveler filed his Atlanta expenses after the trip.”

Graff goes on to point out that the moves Mueller makes, the order of his court filings and those he has already indicted is “increasing” the burden of proof on himself.

Mueller has a long and distinguished career in the legal field. He certainly knows this is what is happening.

If he’s going to these lengths, then he must feel that he has a solid case. He’s showing an extreme amount of confidence.

Another thought Graff seems to have grasped is that by dropping these little nuggets, Mueller is making it more difficult for some rogue Trump loyalist in the Justice Department to step in and shut down his work.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to engage in Twitter rages. Earlier Monday, he attacked his former attorney, Michael Cohen, calling for him to serve a long prison sentence, while also praising his old pal, Roger Stone, for his “guts” at not rolling over on him.

There have been some, such as Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, who have openly accused Trump’s Twitter attacks and thinly veiled suggestions of potential pardons as akin to witness tampering.

He may have a point.

What do you think?

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  • Polarbearpapa

    2 A good person obtains favor from the LORD,

    but the LORD condemns everyone who schemes.

    Proverbs 12

  • TomMars

    The pardon is what this may all come down to. The pardon, in this type of situation, undermines the core principles of the Republic, including rule of law, checks and balances, and separation of powers. If a president can simply pardon himself and anybody who helps him lie, cheat, and steal (and witness tamper) his way to power then where does it end? Lie to Congress-get a pardon. Commit treason–get a pardon. Violate election laws, tax laws, or lobbying laws–get a pardon. If this president gets away with it, but relinquishes power at the end of his term(s), what is to say that the next president does not feel inspired to simply violate every election law on the books? He or she could rule like a dictator, lock up any opposition, and then pardon himself and anyone who supports the dictatorship. The Party will support the dictatorship because they keep power and can commit any crime they like so long as they please the one with the pardoning power. Violation of state law might not be pardoned, but the power of a state is small in comparison.
    The Constitution has protected us from poor decision-making in who we hire as president many times because of the division of power it creates. However, Trump’s people, like lawyers for the Mob, are looking for the loopholes. The idea that a sitting president cannot be indicted, or can tamper with witnesses by calling it something else, or that the pardon is an unlimited power for the party in power to wield, are all designed to ram past Constitutional protections. Sadly, it is so-called “conservatives” who we now find draw near to the Constitution with their lips, but their hearts are far from it. They, like their liberal brothers and sisters, simply want power and money and to get their way on policy, and are both sick and tired of the Constitution getting in their way. How far will Trump take it? Who knows–not even Trump. He is scripting the show as he goes and always testing to see what the ratings will endure.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Your post is so true, it’s scary.

    Thanks for the great summary.

  • John225

    I am interested in how far back Russian interference goes. Was it a choice of two candidates? Or did they also interfere with the primaries? According to some the Russian interferance went back to August 2015 when they started to generate pro-Trump propaganda. Trump didn’t have to be Kompromat for him to be a desirable pro-Russia candidate but I’m sure it would have helped. Reading Aleksandr Dugin one of the key obstacles for their future Eurasian Empire is Atlanticism or US participation in NATO. Trumps anti NATO views on this are in his books so no secret. After Trumps election Dugin declared Atlanticism liquidated.

    Quote “In Foundations 20 years ago, Dugin spoke of a U.S. “national sovereignty” regime exiting NATO and—as John McCain and George W. Bush underlined last October 17—forfeiting its global power. Dugin avers: “While simultaneously supporting isolationist tendencies in American politics, those circles (often right-wing Republicans) believe the USA should confine itself to its own internal problems. The position Russia has been placed in is supremely favorable.” [p. 367]

    You can see from this that the Russians believed that they would find their nationalist, isolationist candidate in the Republican camp. Strange how “America first” so nicely aligns with Russian ambitions. If Trump was truly a patriot he would be sick how his political ideology is subverted to Russian purpose.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    If Trump was truly a patriot, he would put the good of the country above this own petty narcissism, his ego or the egos and bank accounts of his family.
    If Trump was truly a patriot, he would be working WITH the courts and Congress to bring us back toward the Constitution, working to unify the country behind the ideals of personal responsibility and federal stewardship of public assets instead of trying to use federal power and threats to control private enterprise while implementing the big-spending Democrat agenda and society-destroying social-engineering goals of the Obama years.

  • Brian Orion

    Mueller has done a fine job. Not sure how the duck gets out of this one.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Agreed on the work Mueller has done. I think he is the right man at the right time in the right place to really make a difference and to potentially end Trump’s life-long “run” of corruption.

    Like Elliot Ness and Al Capone, I see Robert Mueller as the “untouchable” that will not stop until he has enough solid evidence to guarantee a slam-dunk non-political legal case against the ongoing presidential corruption and political treason that has infested the highest levels of our government.

  • CSN

    Baloney peddling much? Honestly, this is wholly ridiculous. Putin and Trump are now at odds due to Russian interference in the Ukraine.
    Mueller has been looking for Russian dressing on anyone he can pin it on, and so far cannot find a scintilla. So far someone talked to Russian rep here in the states during the transition. That’s not a crime. Lying may be a crime but Hillary’s abuse, bleach biting of servers, destruction of laptops, and frozen memory, and Pay for play were serious crimes, but everyone ignors it.
    Assange released emails, not Russia. If you don’t have Assange on the wirness stand you’ve got nothing.

  • CSN

    Trump isn’t Obama. He’s triumphing on trade deficits, especially China. He wants to keep JOBS in USA. Tax cuts and lowering taxes on corporation is not a Obama tactic.
    Social engineering to bring back industry to USA is as far from Obama as East is to West.
    I suggest you elites get your perspective in order. You’ll end up with Bernie Sanders for President with all your ridiculous complaints.

  • CSN

    Susan Wright is certainly a pseudonym. My guess is you’re quite male and an old guard HW Bush Republican.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Trump is a disciple of the Jeffery Epstein school of courtesy toward women.

    He is great friends and a financial supporter of the Clintons and has publicy tweeted and (in interviews) has stated his admiration for the Obamas and their social-engineering goals.

    Looking at what Trump has done, (rather than the lies he tweets), we see net job losses, losses in the stock market, fewer overseas markets for US goods, higher debt, higher deficits, and higher spending. We see a virtual welcome mat put out for illegals that are now coming into the US by the caravan. We see no ending of sanctuary cities, nor any ending of illegal aliens. We now find out (under Trump) that something like 64% of illegals in the US are on welfare, yet Trump only increases the welfare spending in his proposed budgets. We see continuation of the gay and transgender war against Christians, and even more divisive and hateful rhetoric coming from the WH and those that worship the president than we did under Obama.

    What about the actual outcomes of Trump’s policies does NOT remind you of Obama ?

    For the economically illiterate among Trump’s worshipers, whenever Trump brags about money from his tariffs, they should remember that since tariffs are actually taxes on imports paid by Americans, all that money is being pulled out of the US economy in the form of taxes – NONE of it is coming from other countries. IF a border wall is ever started to be built during Trump’s reign, it will NOT be paid for by Mexico as promised.

    I suggest that before attempting to insult the adults in the room, that you do some maturing and analysis of the facts (not opinions or emotional outbursts) of Trump’s destruction of this country. Trump is far from good for this country. At the rate his connections to Russia and organized crime are being exposed, it’s unlikely that he would finish his existing term if not for the large number of equally-corrupt crooks in Congress – both in the GOP and the DNC. There is no way Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

  • Paula Coyle

    I am pretty convinced they had tampered in the primaries as well. That’s why some claims about things happening after the convention are largely meaningless to me. They may certainly attempt to do it on both sides I would guess, because they want their preferred malleable candidate in no matter what party they’re from.I am pretty convinced they had tampered in the primaries as well. That’s why some claims about things happening after the convention are largely meaningless to me. They may certainly attempt to do it on both sides I would guess, because they want their preferred malleable candidate in no matter what party they’re from.

  • Paula Coyle

    I agree with all of that about Trump, but I wouldn’t bet on voters not being dumb enough to reelect him. I pray you are correct however and we won’t have to put up with him for 8 years.

  • Paula Coyle

    lol at odds. Trump is at odds with Americans who understand the Constitutional limits on his power. So what?

  • Paula Coyle

    Impossible. He doesn’t even know what the Constitution means or why it exists.